Published On : Fri, May 15th, 2020

DPS Lava hosts series of virtual session – ‘BREAKING BARRIERS’

Nagpur: Delhi Public School Varanasi, Nasik and Lava Nagpur are hosting a series of virtual sessions, BREAKING BARRIERS, to foster creativity and learning in the students.

The fourth edition of BREAKING BARRIERS saw Sri Devdutta Pattanaik share his innovative thoughts and perspectives in a webinar titled “YOUR GITA”.

Shri Pattanaik spoke about his book “MY GITA”. It was, he said, his interpretation and understanding of what Shri Krishna told a soldier (Arjuna) standing undecided in the middle of a battlefield. He urged all the students to read and based on their own understanding write and live their own Gita.

Bhagwan Shri Krishna gives Arjuna three solutions to his dilemma – Karmayog, Bhaktiyog and Gyanyog. Students could take a cue from there for all the dilemmas they face. They should focus on action – doing their duty and not think about the result or gain. A strong belief in oneself and faith in the larger systems will help them. Finally, said Shri Pattanaik, think, don’t cling to fears and insecurities and one is bound to reach one’s goal.

The Gita is all about human relationships; of preferring samvaad (dialogue) over vivaad (conflict or arguments); of nurturing empathy, reaching out and helping the weak and helpless; of not judging others instead discovering them within us.

The Gita is as relevant for us today as it was for Arjuna, for over the yugas only technology has changed; human beings have not – neither emotionally nor intellectually.

The webinar left everyone enriched, inspired and thirsting for more