Published On : Tue, Jan 21st, 2014

Double standards or blunders: Cash-starved NMC on spending spree over festivals, fairs!

Is the NMC really cash-strapped by the LBT or are the office-bearers and Administration fooling the citizens?

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It could be called double standards of NMC or it could even be called a double blunder!! On one hand, the Mayor Anil Sole, Standing Committee Chairman Avinash Thakre and NMC Commissioner Shyam Wardhane have been giving a “War Cry” for tapping all sources of revenue by the concerned departments in the LBT-hit NMC, on the other hand, the same NMC is on a spending spree by organizing dozens of festivals, conferences, fairs, sports competitions, campaigns and other programmes to the tune of crores of rupees. Now, more than Rs 1.50 crore are being plundered on “Nagpur Mahotsav” to mark the NMC’s 150th Year Celebrations. Out of Rs 1.50 crore, Rs 92 lakh would be spent on Event Management and Rs 45 lakh on stage, sound and light effects. After giving a thought to the plundering of crores of rupees by the NMC, now question arises: Is the NMC really cash-starved by the LBT or are the office-bearers and Administration fooling the citizens?

The NMC is organizing “Nagpur Mahotsav” at the Yeshwant Stadium in Dhantoli. NMC is spending Rs 1,49,20,000 on the “Mahotsav,” out of which Rs 1,40,00,000 would be incurred on the main programme like Event Management, stage decoration, sound and light effects. Some sports competitions have also been organized under the “Nagpur Mahotsav”. But only Rs 1 lakh would be spent for the same including mementoes, shawls and Shriphals. Only Rs 1 lakh could be called mockery of sports and sportsmen as well.

The NMC has been shouting from the roof tops about the poor financial situation due to enforcement of Local Body Tax (LBT). And several ventures are being oragnised through public participation. Just on January 15, the Full Moon Night (Pournima), the Mayor appealed all citizens to save electricity by switching off lights of houses, shops, establishments, offices for at least one hour. And now, the stage and other surrounding areas would be brightly illuminated for “Nagpur Mahotsav” spending lakhs of rupees on electricity.

Why so much plundering of in the situation of scarce sources of money? is the pointed question.