Published On : Sat, Apr 30th, 2016

Double murder rocks Khamla

image1Nagpur: In what could be mentioned as a crime of passion or a violent crime especially murder, in which the perpetrator or perpetrators commit murder because of sudden strong impulse or rage, two ill-famous youngsters (having many crimes registered against them) were stoned to death between 12:30 am to 1:30 am on April 30, 2016.

According to police sources, the two deceased are identified as

  1. Avinash Suresh De aged 24 years and a resident of Khamla, Shiv Nagar Slums. The deceased is known to have many serious offences including attempt to murder, chain-snatching, robbery, looting, burglary, assault etc. He was known to be a source of pain to the cops.
  2. Kuldeep Chandrakant Tiwari, a minor aged 16-17 years who was earlier a resident of Khamla slums but presently a resident of the slums behind Bhole Petrol Pump. This minor too was very clever and said to be an expert in house breaking and burglary. This accused committed many burglaries taking advantage of the fact that the cops cannot beat him or put him in prison since he is a minor.

Sources claimed that the crime was committed between 12:30 am to 1:30 am on April 30, 2016 at the deserted semi-constructed shopping complex near Parate Sabhagriha at Khamla Square. The deceased were said to have murdered by sticks and stones. The faces of both the deceased have been crushed. Both the deceased are said to have several head injuries.

Motive of murder, still a mystery

While various versions are taking rounds about the exact motive behind the murder, some sources opined that this murder took place because of his romantic involvement with a girl named Rekha* (name changed to protect the identity). A few months ago, mother of Rekha had lodged a complaint with the Rana Pratap Police Station alleging that the deceased Avinash had kidnapped her daughter. Avinash was eventually arrested for this and had spent around 15-20 days in Nagpur Central Jail too.

The deceased Avinash was externed from Nagpur city and the period of externment had exhausted last month.

With tension in Khamla area over the double murder, senior police officials have set the police machinery working fast. Some four to five accused have been picked up by the cops of Rana Pratap Police Station who are suspected to have committed this crime. However many of those who have been picked up are said to be minors.

With many rumours taking rounds, some of the main ones are: this murder could have been a fall out of old enmity or financial dealing which went wrong or romantic involvement with a girl.

Some versions talking rounds among the cops are that the girl was called to the crime spot by Avinash for a meeting and the accused had killed for his involvement with the girl.

The In-Charge of Rana Pratap Police Station Senior Police Inspector Shivaji Gaikwad while speaking to Nagpur Today said that they are confident of solving the case of double murder soon. He informed that they have registered a case under sections 302 and 34 of Indian Penal Code against unidentified accused and have initiated an investigation into the matter.