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    Published On : Sat, Oct 17th, 2015

    Double murder rocks Jaripatka: Revengeful man axes wife, son of brother-in-law to death

    In a sensational double murder that rocked Jaripatka area, an aged man hacked his wife and 10-year old son of brother-in-law to death on Saturday. The wee-hour murders rattled the residents of the area and tension ran high. The accused murderer has been arrested. It is reported that the accused was boiling with anger since his brother-in-law threatened to sever his hands and legs over domestic matters.

    According to police, the double murder was reported from Takshashila Nagar, Nari Road in Jaripatka. The deceased have been identified as Gopibai Sharnu alias Annaji Kamble (50) and Chetan Madhukar Rampure (10), both residents of Umargaon, Usmanabad. The accused Sharnu alias Annaji Kamble (60) slit throats of sleeping Gopibai and Chetan with an axe between 3 and 3.30 in the wee hours of Saturday. After committing the spine chilling crime the accused Sharnu went to Jaripatka Police Station and surrendered himself. When the accused narrated the blood curdling murders the cops present in the Police Station were awe struck. A team of policemen, led by API Wagh, rushed to the spot only to be dismayed. The floor of the room was splattered with blood and walls with blood stains.

    The double murder accused Sharnu alias Annaji Kamble told police that his brother-in-law had threatened him few days ago that his hands and legs would be chopped off over some domestic matters. At that time, wife of the accused had supported her brother causing simmering discontent. The accused further told police that he has no issue and that is why Chetan, son of his brother-in-law, was staying with them. The brother-in-law’s threat had left accused Sharnu boiling with anger and as a result he used to bash up his wife every now and then over some reason or the other. Chetan used to protest beating up of Gopibai and confront the accused Sharnu making him angrier.

    It is surmised that the volcanic anger exploded in the wee hours of Saturday and the accused Sharnu first hacked Gopibai with an axe. However, the splitting blood and commotion woke up Chetan and he started crying and shouting.  Panicked by Chetan’s actions, Sharnu, without mercy, slit throat of the 10-year old boy with one shot and killed him, too.

    Jaripatka police have booked the accused Sharnu Kamble under Section 302 of IPC and arrested him Further probe is underway.

    Accused suspected wife:
    It is reported that the double murder accused Sharnu alias Annaji Kamble, 60, was a short tempered man. He suspected wife and this factor often sparked skirmishes between the two. A vegetable vendor, Sharnu is a drunkard. Under the influence, Sharnu used to blame wife Gopibai for he being issueless. The helpless Gopibai had frequently sought intervention by her brother and as a result, Chetan was used to stay with the quarrelling couple in the hope that peace will prevail. However, destiny took a bloody turn and ruined two families.

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