Published On : Mon, Apr 28th, 2014

Double murder rocks Butibori as man kills sister, brother-in-law

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Nagpur News.

Residents of Takalghat under Butibori were gripped with shock and fear when a younger brother killed his sister and brother-in-law after they refused to provide him monetary assistance for his marriage. The double murder took place late Sunday night at Takalghat under the jurisdiction of Butibori police stations. Cops have arrested the killer and slapped charges of murder against him.

The victims have been identified as Umashankar Budhnath Pandit (35) and Indudevi Umashankar Pandit (31) while the accused has been identified as Ajay Rambahal Pandit (28). The nearby residents who witnessed the bloodbath informed Butibori police after which the cops immediately rushed to the spot and after performing panchanama, sent the bodies for post mortem to Government Medical College and Hospital. Though the accused Ajay managed to escape from the scene, cops nabbed him within hours of the incidence.

Ajay, who was in police custody, informed that he wanted to marry a girl and thus he asked for financial assistance from his sister and brother-in-law. But, they refused him citing non availability of funds. Ajay also said that he was asking for help for few days but neither Umashankar nor Indu were keen to help him.

Ajay informed the police that on Sunday, he again asked Umashankar to lend him some money for his marriage but he refused citing that he had no funds to help Ajay financially. This angered Ajay followed which he put up a brawl with Umashankar.

Police spoke to nearby residents who informed that the quarrel took an ugly turn with Umshankar being adamant on his refusal. Ajay later took out a sharp-edged weapon and stabbed Umashankar repeatedly. Indudevi, who was a mute spectator of the quarrel, tried to save her husband when Ajay started attacking him a sharp-edged weapon. She pleaded Ajay to leave her husband but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Finally, finding no other option to Indu stood between Ajay and her injured husband. But, anger took over Ajay and he stabbed his sister too. Both Umshankar and Indu were lying in a pool of blood while Ajay dashed out of the scene when the situation sunk into him.

Nearby resident who witnessed this blood shot immediately informed Butibori police who later arrested Ajay under murder charges.

Police, through the statements of neighbours, discovered that Ajay was younger brother of Indudevi and living with them after her marriage. Ajay wanted to start his married life for which he needed money. Since Umshankar and Indu were not in good financial situation, they refused Ajay which triggered his anger. Ajay has confessed his deed and will soon be presented before the court. Further investigations are under way.