Published On : Sun, Jul 14th, 2013

Dos & Don’ts During Ramadan

Nagpur News: Ramzan or Ramadan is a holy event that marks the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims fast throughout this month. It is the time when they purify their minds, hearts and soul. During Ramadan, there are many things that are to be kept in mind. For example, you have to fast from dawn until sunset.

There are few dos and don’ts that are to be kept in mind if you are fasting during Ramzan.

Few dos and don’ts during Ramzan:

Do indulge in good activities. Attend charity functions and visit NGOs. These are few ways to purify the soul and do something good. Getting blessings and good wishes from the needy will only make you happy. Purify your soul by doing something good to the poor and needy and have a generous Ramadan (Kareem).

Don’t become a pray to bad habits. Smoking or drinking especially in public are few bad habits that are considered sin during the Ramzan fasting. This should be followed especially from the sunrise till sunset.

Do wear proper clothes. This is mostly applicable to women. During Ramadan fasting, women should avoid wearing revealing clothes. Women are supposed to wear Hijaab during the Ramzan. If they do not wear, the rewards of fasting goes in vain. Even men should avoid wearing short pants or boxers in public. Ramadan falls during the hot summer season, but for one month you can definitely manage the heat with covered cotton fabric clothes.

Don’t curse or fight with anyone. As this is the Holy month to purify the heart and mind, think good things. This will bring positive energy and vibes all around. Create a peaceful ambiance by not doing this during Ramadan. Do not fight with your friends or enemies. Make friends and not enemies. Try to spread happiness and joy, not anger and hatred.

Do worship Allah. In this month, spend time for taking out the name of God. This will help you think good and also purify your soul. Many people prefer sleeping whole day till Iftar just to control their hunger. However, try to increase self-control and indulge in praying.

Don’t fast for dieting. This is a spiritual festival for the Muslims. Do not fast just to lose weight. Only if you want to pray Allah and purify your soul and heart, go for month long fasting.

Do celebrate the month with joy. Wear new clothes, try new dishes and distribute food and love to the needy. This will be rewarding.

Don’t overeat during Ramadan fasting. Many people stuff themselves thinking they can stay full whole day. Well, this can create some health problems. So, avoid over-eating. Eat healthy and good food that are not heavy on you or else you will feel lazy and lethargic.

Apart from these, couples should not get intimate during Ramdan fasting. It is time to worship Allah so keep reading Quran and offer Salat prayers. Refrain from drinking water and other fluids from dawn until sunset.