Published On : Fri, Sep 22nd, 2017

Domestic Help Murders Employer, Says ‘She Wanted Sex, so I Killed Her’

New Delhi: In a chilling case in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar, a 16-year-old domestic help killed his employer and went to the police to confess to his crime on Wednesday. According to a DNA report, the boy reached Sahibabad police station in tears as he had murdered his employer, not for money but because she was constantly asking him for sexual favours.

The report quotes Sahibabad police as saying that the boy came crying loud to the police station and said that he was feeling guilty as he had killed his employer. The police also said that there was blood all over the boy’s hands and clothes.

The police then accompanied the boy to the Sangam Apartments residence where he killed his employer. The police said that the woman was alone when the domestic help killed her. Her husband was at work.

The boy told the police that the woman had been pressuring him for a long time to have a sexual relationship with him and he kept turning down her requests. He also said that he had even threatened the woman that he would kill her if she doesn’t stop. According to the report, the woman was watching television in her room when the boy entered with a kitchen knife and slit her throat, killing her.