Published On : Fri, Sep 3rd, 2021
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Do You NeedA Home Loan? 4 Refinancing Strategies for the Budget-Conscious

Refinancing deals with the replacement of one’s current loans with that of a new one. There can be a host of reasons why a homeowner may wish to refinance their

Property. Refinancing always acts as a safe resort amidst all others, whether you want to access it for a more helpful home loan or consolidating debts.


In this article, we will be discussing the four significant refinancing strategies that you require.

1.   Debt Consolidation

Consolidating debts is one of the primary contributing factors to homeowners when they wish to refinance their housing loans. All the outstanding loans could be brought about into one credit facility depending on your financial stability. A car loan, mortgage, credit card, and personal loan may be brought in this way. Usually, such a thing leads to single repayment with a single interest rate. Such a thing comes in handy to help you manage your finances more wisely. But we will recommend you conduct extensive research and obtain a proper understanding of debt consolidation and its background before you get it.

2.   Switching To A Lower Rate

Most people like to refinance because it helps them get good home loans that offer lower interest rates. What is most intriguing is that obtaining lower interest rates home loan indicates that you can easily get less repayment. That is why it is wise to cross-check your existing loan by comparing your interest rates with the home loan interest rates of other lenders. While choosing the new lender, the fees and repayment amounts should also be taken into consideration. But make sure you do not start looking for a new lender only to obtain a lower rate. Generally, such a thing may involve increased fees too. Hence choose your lender carefully and take a refinancing decision only if it puts you in better position financially.

3.   More Features To Home Loan

If you have outgrown your home loan that was initially organized, you can easily get a host of features due to refinancing. So, if you pass the home loan eligibility, you might be able to make the most of these features and be up to date as well. As such, your financial circumstances can improve drastically. For example, anyone who scouts for a loan with an offset sub-account may get good savings and reduce their interest payable on the home loan.

4.   Releasing Equity

If you notice that your property value has improved, you can conveniently access this improvement in equity by drawing from your existinghome loan. All these funds can be used as a deposit for an investment property in the long run. If you believe that your house is worth more than what you paid for it, you can use this strategy and make the most of it. Lenders require formal valuation before allowing you to access the equity. Though the results of the same might be less than what you expected particularly if you’re looking to refinance with traditional lender.

The Bottom Line

Refinancing strategies come in handy for all the right reasons. If you wish to obtain a home loan today, make sure you do it from the right place. Consider your options carefully since there are also fees associated with refinancing. Also, do not forget to check out your home loan EMI amount by using home loan EMI calculator. This will help you in estimating your EMI affordability. So, why keep waiting? Avail home loan up to Rs 35 Cr at attractive interest from Standard Chartered Bank today!