Published On : Mon, Nov 9th, 2015

‘Diwali Milan’ at DMSR, G.S. College of Commerce & Economics, Nagpur

Diwali Milan GS College (6)
Staff and students at DMSR, G. S. College of Commerce & Economics, Nagpur participated in the pre- Diwali celebrations on 6th November, 2015.

Diwali festival resonates the ‘victory of good over evil’ and also the sharing of joy and happiness. Harmonizing with the occasion, DMSR students beautifully and aptly decorated the new Bajaj Bhavan Building with flowers and handmade lanterns.

The event started by extending a warm welcome to the staff and students and with a special message of “Light the Diya , Ignite a Life”. Students were dressed in mesmerizing traditional attires which also showcased the spirit of the festival. There were lots of exciting and innovative games played by faculty and students. The chief aspect of the event was the smiles that all shared with each other.

Prof. Rashi Arora congratulated the organizing team of students for the excellent arrangements and success of the event. Senior students Priya Singh, Rohit Vyavare ,Niraj Chaudhari, Ruhi Khatun, Rahul Thakare, Salman Khan, Puja Singh, Sumedh Meshram & Rohit Kalyani worked hard for the success of the event.

Diwali Milan GS College (3)
The fun filled event ended with the distribution of  special Diwali memento to all  and with a selection of delicious food for all to share.
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Diwali Milan GS College (5)
Diwali Milan GS College (2)
Diwali Milan GS College