Published On : Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

Divine atmosphere turns blissful as 3-day Mahalaxmi Puja begins

Image Courtsey : Naresh Chavan and Family , Manish Nagar, Nagpur

Nagpur: The blissful and divine atmosphere of 10-day Ganeshotsav turned more joyous as the 3-day Mahalaxmi puja, too, commenced from Thursday, September 5.

The traditional and ancestral three-day Gauri (Mahalaxmi) puja has now assumed bigger dimensions with families giving the homely touch to the festivities, which bring many families together for the celebrations. Legend has it that Mahalaxmi arrives with Her Family to Her “Maheri” or “Maika” (Mother’s home) for three days in a year. The festival has a bigger social dimension than a religious one and thus it is not restricted to any particular caste. The scale of celebrations in

“Mahalaxmi aali gharat sonyachya payani, bhar bharat gheun aali, sarva samrudhhi gheun aali” chants reverberated in many a residence in the city to mark beginning of the 3-day Mahalaxmi Puja. The place in the households where Mahalaxmi Puja is performed has been artistically and elegantly decorated befitting the divine atmosphere. During the 3-day puja, the idols of Mahalaxmi and Her Family are attired in a special and authentic tradition.

In the ongoing 10-day Ganesh Festival, the three days of Mahalaxmi Puja are the most looked forward to, at least in Maharashtra.

Hundreds of households in the city welcomed Jyeshtha Gauri and Goddess Kanishta along with Their children as one would welcome a daughter on a visit to her mother’s home. The cherishing moments during the 3-day Mahalaxmi Puja are to be seen are to be experienced. On the first day, Mahalaxmi and Her Family is welcomed traditionally and religiously. The ‘Mahaprasad’ served on second day of the Mahalaxmi Puja is on a grand scale.

The elaborate ‘prasad’ having a number of mouth-watering dishes with main Prasad being a vegetable prepared with mix of 16 different vegetables, ‘Ambil’ made of jowar flour and puran poli would be served large number of people comprising families, friends and neighbours. The third day would mark “Haldi Kumkum,” a gathering of womenfolk from across the society.