Published On : Thu, Nov 22nd, 2018

Disappearing footpaths take away comfort of pedestrians

Nagpur: The ongoing development works across the city have already burdened the people of Nagpur with several problems from potholes to under-construction roads to respiratory issues. To add to these chaotic situations, if you want to walk to your destination anywhere in the city, the most challenging task before you is to find footpath to walk. Footpaths in the city are truly on the verge of extinction due to various reasons, thanks to the negligence on part of the local administration.

Footpaths are considered very important as they provide place for pedestrians to walk to help easing the traffic movement. However, Nagpur Today found out that footpaths meant for senior citizens and kids are in very bad conditions due to negligence or encroachment of goods sellers. NT also found that footpaths in many parts of the city have disappeared due to levelling of roads.

The prolonged works of metro, cement roads and laying of underground cables have created lot of problem for the local citizens. Due to traffic jams and poor condition of roads, people are neither able to drive their vehicles not to walk safely on the footpaths.

Due to narrowing of roads for development works, the traffic woes in the city have already reached vulnerable conditions and with absence of footpaths it has added fuel to the fire.

Along with footpaths, the disappeared zebra-crossing is also a matter of concern when it comes to pedestrian’s safety. But both are left neglected by the administration, raising serious questions on the claim of making Nagpur a smart city.

By Shubham Nagdeve