‘Dirty Picture’: A wake-up call for slumbering NMC babus!!

Nagpur: This picture could certainly be called “Dirty.” Stinking, stinking and stinking. Forget the busy streets or remote corners, the insensitive men don’t hesitate to urinate at public place such as Gandhisagar Lake, popularly called Shukrawari Talao. A few men, alarmed by the Nature’s call, relieved themselves in full public view at a decent spot bang in front of Parsi Dharamshala beside Pagay Garden Chowpatty area. When it comes to public spaces, men seem to go with the flow — without even looking for a toilet. Is it the lack of public facility or just the I-don’t-care-a-damn attitude? To make matter worse, a soul found the pavement of the garden “best” place to defecate. Shame. Shame. Shame. No civic discipline.

The abovementioned scenario is tip of the iceberg. Most of the men, educated or illiterate, leave no chance to urinate in public. Why? Lack of facilities may be one of the answers. And even if a facility is available at one or two places, the dirty and the dirty public loos “debar” many men to skip the place and answer the Nature’s call at a convenient public place. The stinking matter has come to such pass that people have to be taught how to use these facilities.

Hygienic ways of doing things. The other dubious side of this episode is absence of proper toilets for a huge population of Second Capital City of Nagpur even today. The pay-and-use toilets are very few in number. It is not about toilets, it is about a lack of civic sense. Men urinating at public places is common scenario in the city.

What sort of Smart City the Nagpur is being developed with much hue and cry! Will the babus in Nagpur Municipal Corporation wake up from their deep slumber and stem the rot? At least for the namesake of Smart City!!