Published On : Wed, Mar 31st, 2021

Different types of hijabs for different seasons in India


Hijab is one of the most essential parts of dressing for a Muslim woman. Over time, hijabs have made their way to the Islamic dressing style especially when we are talking about modest dressing.

Many designers and models have put their hard work to bring hijabs back into fashion. With the modern ways, hijab is no more restricted to be traditional; rather you can now wear them in whichever style you like. Thanks to this, there is a wide range of hijab collections available for a Muslim woman to choose from.

Though, most of the attention revolves around the style of wearing a hijab, you should also pay attention to the various types of hijabs according to the seasons. Yes, different hijab types fit in according to the different seasons in India.

Would you be interested in knowing them? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have a lot of appealing information to share about the different hijab types that you can use in different seasons in India.

What are the different hijab types for different Indian seasons?

Surely, the different seasons in India bring different joy and pleasure for all of us. We all love trying different outfits according to the changing seasons to make the most of that season. Similar to our changing outfits, we should also be concerned about the different hijab styles that we can try for different seasons.

You can find the different hijabs in the hijab store as you plan to experiment with your look and style. By choosing the right type of hijab according to the season, you can enhance your presence while feeling comfortable and confident.

As you get experienced wearing hijabs, you will surely excel in buying hijabs online without any hassles. Till then, you can rely on the information below to find which type of hijab would look the best in which season.


  1. Chiffon hijabs for the summer season:

The first type of hijab that we have on our list is a chiffon hijab. This type of hijab goes very well in the summer season because of being lightweight and flowy. It gives the freedom to Muslim women for flexible and comfortable movements without any hassles.

Besides giving you a comfortable feeling, this type of hijab also helps in enhancing your style quotient. Many types of chiffon hijabs come in different designs and patterns to make you look good without compromising on quality and comfort.

Moreover, the chiffon fabric hijabs are available in different color combinations. They are also easy to wear and thus can be worn on any day.

  1. Silk hijabs for the harsh summer season:

One of the most favorite types of hijabs that goes well in the extremely harsh summer season is a silk hijab. Silk is undoubtedly one of the prime hijab materials which are extremely popular amongst Muslim women.

Silk hijab not only looks good on normal days but it also makes a brilliant choice for special occasions. You can wear them at parties and various events while getting the most comfort and feeling elegant.

It won’t be wrong to say that silk hijabs give a royal yet elegantly pleasing look to Muslim women. And the best part of this hijab type is that it can be worn during the daytime as well without any hassles.

  1. Polyester hijabs for the winter season:

If you live in a country with a cold and cosy climate, then a polyester hijab type would be the best choice to make. The material is absolutely suitable to do justice to the cold climate as it can keep the person warm as well.

This type of hijab is not suitable for countries having hot and humid climates. It won’t be comfortable to wear such type of hijab in such countries. However, if you want to wear a polyester hijab, then you can try with a polyester hijab mixed with georgette material. The combination makes the hijab lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The material is wrinkle-free and also demands very minimal maintenance. Moreover, the beautiful color combinations and patterns of these types of hijabs are enough to impress anyone.

  1. Jersey hijabs for the extreme winter season:

Though, you can wear any type of hijab in the extreme winter season but a jersey hijab stands distinguished from the others. The material of the hijab is so that it can keep you warm for the maximum time without losing its charm or beauty. The jersey hijab is not only super comfortable but makes you look stylish and confident without any extra effort.

As it is a knit fabric, it also gives you an elegant look making it a favorable choice to be worn during parties and get-togethers. Also, the material is stretchable which allows the women to have all the ease and comfort while wearing it.

  1. Rayon hijabs for all seasons:

If you are looking for an all-season hijab type, then nothing can be better than choosing a rayon hijab type. This type of hijab can go well with any type of season. Also, the hijab is well-known for its casual look and thus can be worn on daily basis.

You can play with different colors of this hijab type and look refreshing every single day.

Final Thoughts:

The different types of hijabs for different seasons are so made to give you the most comfortable feeling ever. No matter you can pick any hijab type according to your preferences and likings but going with a certain type according to the season will give you a personified look.

You can glamorize your hijab with any of your favorite accessories according to your choice and the type of season. So, which hijab type will you surely try, and which amongst the following is your favorite?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, if you need any other information about buying hijabs online for different seasons in India, we would love to hear from you.