Published On : Tue, Aug 9th, 2016

Diana Penty reacts to Mika’s comments on her surname!

Diana Penty and Mikka
Mika Singh is known for rubbing people the wrong way with his sarcastic remarks and ‘act’ too! Remember the Rakhi Sawant kissing controversy in which he kissed her away in front of many guests at his birthday party. More recently he made some weird comments on the surname of Diana Penty. But this time Mika got the same back on his face! At an event, Mika made a derogatory remark on Diana’s surname when he said, “She is Diana Panty and I am Mika Kachcha”. That obviously didn’t go down too well with Diana, who, in order to maintain the decorum of the event, didn’t make her displeasure loud and clear.

However, in her latest statement to a web portal, Diana said that she doesn’t find such jokes funny and doesn’t understand how people could even laugh at such comments. Mika has had the track record of poking fun at celebrities on public platforms and in the bargain, the singer has rubbed quite a celebs in the wrong way. How can one forget his infamous kissing controversy with Rakhi Sawant? For the uninitiated, Rakhi was a guest at Mika’s birthday party many moons ago and much to her shock and dismay, Mika had kissed her in front of the guests and the media present at the event.