Published On : Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

Evil designs of Narulas, boutique owners, to grab land, money of a poor family exposed

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The development is nothing but a blot on humanity. Some evil-minded persons scripted a story that would certainly put human beings to shame. The story defines the greed and the limit the human beings could cross just to have materialistic and monetary pleasure at the expense of others.

According to sources and the First Information Report (FIR) filed by the affected persons, the devastated development relates to a youth Rahul Chakradhar Chaudhary. 23-year old Rahul used to work in the reputed establishment F N L Boutique, located near Gurudwara in Ramdaspeth. The Boutique is owned by Sandeep Narula and his family. The outrageous story began on 24.6.2014. When Rahul was as usual working in the showroom, Sandeep Narula, his father identified as only Sardar and 5-6 accomplices, suddenly started thrashing him brutally and mercilessly. They tortured Rahul both physically and mentally. The reason given in the FIR for Rahul’s persecution is that he caused a loss of Rs 30-40 lakh to the Boutique by way of fraudulent means. The beating was so severe that Rahul, in order to escape the torture, pleaded with Sandeep and his father that they can take his plot of land purchased just recently. With these words, Rahul took the Narulas to his room he has taken on Rs 1000 rent in Dighori in Nagpur. When all of them reached the room, Sandeep, his father, and his accomplices broke open the door and forcibly grabbed Rahul’s Shine motorcycle, ATM card, cheque book, education documents, and above all Registry papers of the plot. When Rahul told that the gold ornaments he possessed have been mortgaged at a jeweller’s shop in Umred, Sandeep Narula and his accomplices went to Umred along with Rahul. However, by coincidence, Rahul’s younger brother Pankaj saw them and asked for the reason for coming to Umred. Sandeep Narula told him that his brother has caused a loss of Rs 30-40 lakh to his Boutique allegedly by various unscrupulous means. Thereafter, Sandeep Narula, his father and the accomplices again brought Rahul to Nagpur and started thrashing and torturing him. They forcibly took Rahul’s signatures on various vital documents including one connected to the plot of land, said the FIR and sources.

Meanwhile, the sources and FIR further said, Pankaj narrated the development to his parents and told them that Rahul has been held up by the owners of F N L Boutique. Pankaj also received a phone call from Narulas in the night of 24.6.2014 asking him to send his parents to their Boutique for settling the matter. Accordingly, Rahul’s father Chakradhar Shalikrao Chaudhary and mother Pushpalata arrived at the Boutique at about 11.30 am on 25.6.2014. Sandeep Narula and his father, who has been identified in the FIR only as a Sardar, too arrived and told them that Rahul has put the Boutique at loss of Rs 30-40 lakh. The Narulas further told Chakradhar and Pushpalata Chaudhary that they are not lodging police complaint against Rahul but he (Chakradhar Chaudhary) will have to return the money. When Chakradhar expressed his inability to return such a large amount of money, Sandeep and his father brought a Rs 100 stamp paper and wrote that the money will be returned within six months. They forcibly took signatures of Chakradhar and Pushpalata on the stamp paper. (Sources said an amount of Rs 15 lakh was mentioned in the stamp paper). After threatening and coercing Chakradhar and Pushpalata, the Narulas allowed them to leave the Boutique at about 5 pm. However, Rahul was “released” at 12 in the dead of night with a warning to come to shop early in the morning to put signatures on the agriculture land (ancestral) documents and not on the documents of plot of land. The physically and mentally wrecked Rahul went directly to his sister’s house in Dighori instead of his room.

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However, on 26.6.2014, Rahul went to his native village Malewada in Bhiwapur Taluqa and again narrated the entire sordid episode to his younger brother Pankaj. Rahul also told Pankaj about the severe beating at the hands of Sandeep Narula and his father. At the same time, Pankaj received a phone call from the Narulas asking him threateningly to send Rahul to Boutique. Accordingly, Rahul reached the Boutique at about 4 pm. As soon as Rahul reached the shop, he was subjected to brutal thrashing till 9.30 pm. However, later the episode took the bizarre turn when the Narulas admitted Rahul to nearby Arneja Heart Hospital in Ramdaspeth with the information that Rahul consumed some poisonous stuff. At the same time, the Narulas phoned Pravin Mohod, brother-in-law of Chakradhar, and informed him that Rahul has consumed poison and he has been admitted to a hospital. They asked Pravin to send his parents to Nagpur and take care of Rahul. Accordingly, Chakradhar and Pravin Mohod reached Nagpur the next day morning (27.6.2014) and went to Arneja Heart Hospital. There they found Rahul in ICU and on ventilator.

Chakradhar Chaudhary, in his FIR filed at Dhantoli Police Station, has charged Sandeep Narula (30) and his father (52) of falsely implicating Rahul in a fraud case and subsequently detaining and thrashing him severely and later admitting Rahul to a hospital. Chakradhar has urged the police to initiate lawful action against the accused Narulas.

After filing the FIR, Rahul’s family approached Nagpur Today reporter Ravikant Kamble and narrated the entire episode. The family also approached Bahujan Human Rights Organization in Nagpur headed by Balasaheb Meshram. Nagpur Today reporter first visited Arneja Heart Hospital in Ramdaspeth on Sunday (June 29) to ascertain the exact facts and also to know the condition of Rahul. When Nagpur Today tried to speak Dr Neeraj Prasad, an anaesthetist (Sunday In Charge of ICU), initially he refused to divulge anything in the matter. However, Dr Neeraj Prasad later told Nagpur Today that the patient was admitted to their hospital with symptoms of poisoning. The hospital went by rules and treating the patient accordingly. The hospital is not interested in the history of the patient and in what circumstances he was admitted, said Dr Prasad. However, he took strong objection to patient being photographed and even made an issue out of it. The doctor asked the Nagpur Today reporter to contact Dr Vikas Gupta (Regular In Charge of ICU) for further information. However, when Dr Gupta was contacted, he refused to comment on the matter by saying that such matters cannot be discussed on phone. He in turn then asked Nagpur Today to talk to Dr Himanshu Verma, the Administrative Officer of Arneja Heart Hospital. Dr Verma cooperated with Nagpur Today and said that Dr Neeraj Gawande, a Forensic Expert, has checked Rahul Chaudhary. According to Dr Gawande, the condition of Rahul is serious and complicated. However, none of the doctors at the hospital could not give the satisfactory reply when asked why Rahul was admitted to a Heart Hospital. The Hospital has sent a MLC (Medico-Legal Case) report to Dhantoli Police Station.

Nagpur Today report then visited Dhantoli Police Station to know the status of the case. The PSI M V Shrirao had registered the FIR filed by Chakradhar Chaudhary. When Police Inspector Nikam was contacted by Nagpur Today, he said that Senior PSI is investigating the matter thoroughly. PI Nikam said that he is personally monitoring the probe and soon a breakthrough will be achieved but at the moment no arrests have been made. The Police Inspector also told Nagpur Today that after considering the intricacies of the case and financial condition of the patient, the hospital has been directed to withhold all medical treatment bills and not to harass the patient’s relatives. However, the response of the hospital to the directives of police could not be ascertained. Most probably the hospital would snub the police directives with “mind your own business” words.

However, Nagpur Today, smelling the rat in the handling of the case by Dhantoli Police Station, approached DCP Zone-4 Chandra Kishore Meena along with Pankaj. Pankaj apprised DCP Meena about the entire episode. Taking the serious note of the development, DCP Meena slammed PI Nikam for the lackadaisical probe into the matter and ordered immediate arrest of the accused Narulas and others. Thereafter, the PI has reportedly assured the Chaudhary family of prompt action and arrest of the accused. At present the FIR has registered Sections 342, 323, 506, 34 of the IPC against the accused.

However, the FIR itself is allegedly flawed. It has been alleged that Chakradhar Chaudhary was coerced and pressured not to mention many genuine facts like forcible grabbing of Rahul’s Shine motorcycle, ATM card, cheque book, Registry documents of his plot of land, amount of Rs 15 lakh in the stamp paper signed by Chakradhar and Pushpalata Chaudhary and other obnoxious facts. Have police and the Narulas connived with each other to suppress the matter? The question is pricking Nagpur Today and other organizations.

The answer to this and many other questions lies with Rahul Chaudhary. Rahul can only reveal the real facts once he comes out of the ICU. Now, it has to be seen how the police makes progress in the case and brings the offenders to books.