Published On : Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

Despite being a government institute, GMC charging 5k development fees

GMCH, Nagpur
In the name of ‘College Development Fees’, the students of Government Medical College are being levied with an annual fee of Rs. 5000. After paying the fees of a long time, students of Government Medical College are now opposing against the charge being imposed on them.

Students have also complained the matter to the Dean, Dr. Abhimanyu Niswade. However, rejecting the plea of students, he has stated that the fees are being imposed under the rules of DMER (Directorate of Medical Education and Research).

What has brought the matter under qualm is the fact that the expenses of Government colleges are borne by the government. Being a government college, why is GMC imposing development fees on students remains under question. It is also to be analysed that a total of around 1400 students are pursuing their studies in the college. The GMC administration is imposing a charge of Rs. 5000 per student per year despite the fact that its expenses are handled by the government.

As is also being alleged by the students, the hostel WiFi is disconnected for past six months. When Nagpur Today tried to contact the Dean for comments on the issue, he refused for the same.