Published On : Fri, Sep 26th, 2014

Desi Kattey : Movie Review by Prashen H. Kyawal Desi Kattey : Amateurish work at professional level

Desi Kattey Movie review by Nagpur TodayNagpur Today:

Desi Kattey has very interesting premise. It is about 2 boys working in illegal arms factory in UP. While making arms, they learn to shoot and get skilled at it. Destiny gives them choice and one of them represents India in International Shooting Competition and other one becomes king of underworld.

The boys were Pali (Akhil Kapur) and Gyaani (Jay Bhanushali) around which the story revolves. While working in the arms factory, they learn the politics and power game around them and dream to become biggest player of it one day. As they grow up, their business of selling arms grows. In one of the deal they have a big fight with a goon who refuses to pay immediately. While they are gun trotting with multiple gunmen, Major Suryakant Rathore (Suniel Shetty) spots them and recognises the talent for shooting in them. However, the two hot blooded criminals just shrug him off when he talks about it with them.

As a repercussion to the above mentioned fight, they have to face big boss of the goon. The goon plays dirty with Guddi (Tia Bajpai), a childhood crush of Pali. So he kills him right their and declares both of them as new leader of the gang. The goon was right hand person of “bahu-bali” politician Judge Sahab (Ashutosh Rana). So that brings Pali and Gyaani to Judgesahab. But as both of them tell him that they are bhakt of him and want to work with him, he accepts them (as he also needs to move ahead from gun trotting to politics so he has need of such people to handle the dirty business).

Both of them gain confidence of Judgesahab but that creates jealously in earlier favourites of Judgeshahab. When Judgesahab is busy in Delhi, a new ACP arrests Pali and Gyanni under false allegation of killing a police officer while booth capturing for Judgesahab. As Judgesahab is not informed by the jealous subordinates, they get bailed from arrest by Major Rathore. Then they both go to Delhi to meet Judgesahab which is denied by their enemies in the gang. So both meet Rathore and start learning Shooting Pistol as sport.

Rathore wants to turn both of them into international shooters so that they can bring gold medals for India. However, Pali chooses the life Judgesahab offers him as it was his dream to rule the crime world and Gyaani stays back and becomes medal winning champion.

The story has gravity but the writer Aaryaan Saxena falters in screenplay. Suspension of disbelief is stretched way too much. Script seems like a mixture of influences from many films like Gundey, Chak De India, etc. However, everything feels amateurish. A better written script would have given justice to the idea of the story.

With a weak written material at hand, Director Anand Kumar can not do much narrating it on screen. Though he has the skill and craft, the narration is bland and ineffective. The biggest cause of it is the actors he has chosen (or the project could afford).

Performances by main leads is a big cause behind ineffectiveness of the movie. Both Jai Bhanushali and Akhil Kapur, who play Gyanni and Pali respectively, are not at all fit for such big roles. They fail the Director and the story. Also their heroines have no screen presence. Only person who delivers is Ashutosh Rana. He only can get us hooked to the screen when he is there. Even Suniel Shetty is ineffective because of weekly written role and just speaks out his dialogs unconvincingly.

Technically film is average. Production Design by Khursheed Qureshi is just ok. Music by Kailash Kher is passé. Editing by Bunty Nagi good. Action by Jai Singh Nijjar is not good enough. Overall a very weak production.