Published On : Sat, May 10th, 2014

Derailment throws train traffic out of gear, several North-South trains running late


Passengers held up in the waiting hall of Nagpur Railway Station

Nagpur News.

The traffic on North and South directions went haywire with several trains running late by hours together following derailment of 8 wagons of a goods train at Ghoradongri railway station in Betul district between Betul and Nagpur Section of Central Railways. The accident took place at 9.15 pm when a goods train hauling coal suddenly rolled back at a high speed from Sarni Station to Ghoradongri Station knocking down several electrical poles and overhead equipments. Trains on the up and down lines are being stopped at Itarsi, Ghoradongri and Amla railway stations.

The disruption of train traffic triggered an unprecedented ordeal for passengers at Nagpur. The enormous delay in trains turned the Nagpur Railway Station into a sort of refugee camp. The waiting rooms of all classes are full to the brim with passengers finding it very difficult to even occupy a comfortable place. Same is the situation on platforms. The crowded platforms are posing difficulties to passengers going in even on West and East directions.  However, the stranded passengers are proving a blessing in disguise for the vendors and coolies as they are doing a brisk business. The basic amenities have gone out of bounds due to heavy rush and thus badly affecting the kids and womenfolk. The ordeal would continue until the normalcy is restored.

Following trains have been affected and are running late:

Train Number and Name Late
12160 Jabalpur-Amravti Superfast 12.30 hours
12406 Hazrat Nizamuddin Gondwana Exp 10.00 hours
16688 Jammu Tawi Navyug Express 09.00 hours
12792 Patna-Secunderabad Express 08.00 hours
12616 New Delhi-Chennai GT Express 08.00 hours
12968 Jaipur-Chennai Superfast Express 06.00 hours
12622 New Delhi-Chennai Tamilnadu Exp 05.00 hours
12194 Jabalpur-Yashwantpur Superfast Exp 04.30 hours
12540 Lucknow-Yashwantpur Superfast Exp 03.30 hours
12649 Coimbatore-Hazrat Nijamuddin Exp 00.30 hours
12722 Hazrat Nijamuddin-Hy’bad Dakshin 02.30 hours
12296 Patna-Bangalore Sanghamitra Express 03.00 hours