Published On : Mon, Aug 3rd, 2015

Demystifying 5 gym myths

factorfictionblogThere’s no denying that almost all of us carry a strong desire to hit the gym and achieve an enviable physique.

While that desire does push us to get up and enroll in a swanky gym, there are several myths that prevent us from actually doing it. So here’s demystifying few of the most common misconceptions that have been doing the rounds for quite a while now.

Weight training not required for women: Fitness expert and trainer, Neha Godiawala Shah affirms, “Women are generally wary of lifting weights as they think that weights will give them a beefed up body like men. Weights are equally important whether you are trying to lose weight or just toning your body, as it reduces the fat while retaining the muscles. Lifting lighter weights helps in melting fat giving way to healthier muscles that are essential for lowering body fat. Also, women lack hormones that are present in men leading to muscle gain, so women should happily start lifting light weights for a healthier and more toned body.”

If you aren’t sweating, you ain’t doing enough exercises: Usually gym goers leave no stone unturned and sweat every ounce in their body. But when they see that they aren’t really sweating enough, they determine it as lack of enough efforts and exercises. Fitness expert Sapna Vyas Patel says, “One of the common complains people have that they don’t sweat enough even though they work out enough. But working out and sweating are two different parameters. Each individual has a different capacity of sweating. Usually as gyms are air-conditioned, one tends to sweat comparatively less. A proper workout teamed with a healthy diet will do all wonders whether you sweat less or more.”

Machines safer than weights: “It’s a common myth that both weights and machines are equally important for a healthy and a toned body. Free weights promote quicker strength gain and works on muscles overall, where as machines are beneficial only for the muscles you exercise for. Machines are comparatively easier to get used to and work with them, but with weight or free weights you need higher focus, concentration and coordination. Better muscles support the body more efficiently when your body experiences a strenuous situation. Light to heavy weights should be included in your workouts under proper guidance,” suggests Sapna.

For washboard abs all you should do is crunches: Many think that washboard abs can be achieved by crunches only. But there’s more to sexy abs than just crunches. “Crunches are absolutely necessary but aren’t the only thing. Along with crunches, weight training, circuit training, cardio and muscle strengthening is equally important for that greek god abs. Acquiring great abs mostly depends on a combination of 70% balanced diet and 30% exercises,” says Ravi Rawal, fitness trainer.

No pain, no gain: “Many people become a little skeptic when they encounter dull pain. It is important that you feel a little dull pain while or after working out, as it is considered as a ‘sweet pain!’ Also known as muscle soreness or muscle fever, this pain subsides in a few hours or days as you get accustomed to the routine. However, if you are unable to bend or feel extreme pain while moving then that is not muscle soreness but can be muscle injury that needs to be treated immediately,” asserts Ravi.