Published On : Thu, Nov 14th, 2013

Delivery of LPG Gas Cylinders !!!

Invitations for an accident in the offing


Spotted beside Petrol Pump at Rahtey Colony

Nagpur News : The transport or storage of a cylinder filled with liquefied petroleum gas should always be in an upright position; One should always store or use a cylinder filled with the liquefied petroleum gas in a cool, dry, well-ventilated and accessible place under cover, away from boilers, open flames, steam pipes or any potential source of heat.

 We read about mishaps with LPG cylinders everyday in the newspapers.  Are LPG cylinders safe? If the gas from the cylinder leaks, what are the effects of its effects on our health? How should we handle a gas leak?

Ignoring all these rules, regulations and posing a potential hazard to residents and road users, this five-wheeler auto driver used an LPG cylinder instead of a jack to propel his vehicle to repair the puncture of his fore wheel. Who is responsible for his actions? Do the dealers bother about the mode of transport and if the safety precautions are taken by the transporter?

The dealers are very prompt to demand the consumers of LPG at home to get the tubes and valves checked every year. They earn some money too in this process. Are they not supposed to do a similar exercise with these transporters who deliver the cylinders to our homes? They are often seen dropping the cylinders from the top of the stack of cylinders. What if they burst?

 Explosion from LPG can result in serious burns and can cause multiple injuries and even, death. Blast shock waves can affect the ears, lungs and hollow organs of the gastrointestinal tract of a person is close proximity to the blast site. Lungs may be damaged with bleeding or swelling. The explosion may also cause injury from fragments and other objects propelled in air. It also causes displacement of air that can throw victims, especially young children, against solid objects and cause injury like bone fractures. There may also be hidden brain injury and potential neurological consequences. Even if not injured, some people may experience post-traumatic stress disorder due to psychological trauma. The regulations demand that storage of gas cylinders should always be away from sunlight, heat, sparks and flame.

::: Samuel Gunasekharan & Photo : Vicky Thorat