Published On : Sun, Sep 20th, 2015

Dead-body of man exhumed from his own house

: In what could be mentioned as an act of desperation to fulfill physical lust, a woman in connivance with her lover had allegedly killed her husband and buried the dead-body in their own house. She and her accomplices had cemented the floor and had gone on to fix tiles on the cemented floor in an attempt to destroy the evidence of the murder. The blood-chilling incident occurred in Beedgaon in Taj Nagar falling within the jurisdiction of Nandanwan Police Station.

According to police sources, the deceased in identified as Ramesh Banewar aged 35 years-old. The deceased Ramesh Banewar and his wife used to work as labourers as livelihood. With the meager amount that they earned, they used to raise their three children. Sources claimed that while two-children were staying in the city with them, one child was living with the parental grandparents in their native village.

Sources alleged that the wife of the deceased had some extra-marital relationship with someone which led to domestic quarrels almost every day. Every neighbor knew about their frequent quarrels and the extra-marital affair which led to the fights.

However, for the past two-three days a foul smell was emanating from the house of the deceased. About two-three days ago, some neighbours had noticed the wife of the deceased and the two children going somewhere in a frightened state.

Since a foul smell was emanating from the house and with no noise of the domestic quarrel coming from their house, the neighbours suspected some foul-play and informed the Nandanwan Police Station within whose jurisdiction this place falls.

On receipt of the information, the Nandanwan Police arrived at the spot, broke open the lock and in the presence of the Panchas (Witnesses), the police entered the house only to be hit with a really foul smell emanating from the floor. The police then dug-out the freshly placed tiles and removed the cement flooring only to discover the body of Ramesh Banewar buried in the house.

After completing the formalities of Panchanama, the Nandanwan Police dispatched the body to Government Medical College and Hospital for Post-Mortem. The Nandanwan Police has since registered a case under Sections 302, 201 and 34 of Indian Penal Code against the wife, her (unidentified) paramour and other accomplices at 3 am on September 20, 2015.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, In-Charge Police Inspector of Nandanwan Police Station PI Sudhir Nandanwar told that the police are on the look-out for the wife and her alleged paramour or other person who had abetted in committing the crime. The Police are meanwhile questioning the neighbours about the series of events of the fateful day.