Published On : Fri, May 25th, 2018

Days get hotter as Nautapa begins

Nagpur: At the stroke of 2.18 pm on Friday, May 25, 2018, the nine hottest days of the year got off to a start as Sun entered the Rohini Nakshatra. In Rohini Nakshatra, the distance between Sun and Earth get reduced significantly resulting in days getting hotter and hotter than rest of summer months comparatively. The Nautapa will last up to June 2.

According to astrologers and belief, the hotter Nautapa will bring in better monsoons. According to astrologers, monsoon would start this year on June 22 when Sun enters Adra Nakshatra.

According to the Weather Department, this year’s monsoon may witness 55 days of rains. It is also being feared that this year could also witness cyclonic storm, tsunami and earthquake at one place or another. The weather department forecasts that the temperatures will hover around 45-46 degree Celsius during the coming days. The hot winds and scorching sun seem to be taking toll on people. The roads were deserted, as people were unwilling to step out in the sun. The heat also affects the health of the people and the doctors are advising avoid hot winds and sun, as the number of patients is increasing.

People have resorted to various means, as temperatures remain high. Many people can be seen with scarfs, duppattas and handkerchiefs covering their faces to avoid direct heat. In fact, every third person in the city has covered up.