Published On : Tue, Jun 9th, 2015

Daylight bag-lifting by two motorbike borne goons

Goons snatch bag with Rs 8 lakhs from victim


Nagpur: In a daring act by goons, two motorbike borne goons lifted a bag in broad day-light in the presence of scores of other people present on the spot near Tanga Stand Square on June 8, 2015. The Tehsil police are investigating the case. Two motorbike borne goons lifted a bag containing goods worth 8 lakhs in broad day-light in the presence of scores of other people moving about on the spot near Tanga Stand Square. According to information from sources, the Kakkad Jewellers shop is situated near the Tanga Stand. Almost every-day, lakhs of rupees are taken to the ICICI Bank situated close by to be deposited or withdrawn.

On Monday, the nephew of the owner of Kakkad Jewellers had withdrawn eight lakh rupees from ICICI Bank and had brought it to the shop. The amount was to be shifted to one of their other shops situated within a few feet from this shop. As soon as the victim started crossing the road with the bag in the hand, two goons borne on a Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle gave a jerk to the victims hand and snatched the bag with cash worth Rs. 8 lakhs and fled the scene.

Unfortunately for the goons, the entire incident of bag lifting was captured in a CCTV installed in a shop hit opposite to the victim’s shop. The CCTV grab clearly shows the two goons on a Pulsar Motorcycle. While one of the goons has covered his face with a mask, the face of the second goon is clearly visible. Another surprising thing that has come to fore in the CCTV footage is that the goons were on the Bajaj Motorcycle with no number plate. However, with the daring bag lifting case has created sensation among the other shopkeepers and traders. The Tehsil Police has registered a case of bag lifting and is investigating into the case further.