Published On : Wed, Aug 10th, 2016

Dayashankar Tiwari clarifies issues raised by Vikas Thakre and terms allegations false

A Joint Meeting slated on August 24, 2016 to redress all issues raised by Vikas Thakre

Dayashankar Tiwari and Vikas Thakre

Dayashankar Tiwari and Vikas Thakre

: Two days ago, Opposition Leader Vikas Thakre had submitted a memorandum on ten issues to the Mayor of Nagpur city Praveen Datke. These issues include OCW, Star Bus, Jet-Pacher Machines, Hot Mix Plant, Pot holes on all roads etc.

Mayor Praveen Datke had assured Opposition Leader Vikas Thakre that a Joint Meeting will be held on August 24, 2016 to redress all the ten issues raised by him. During this meeting, discussions will be held on all the action taken so far by various NMC departments on these pressing issues.

Before August 24, 2016, NMC administration will give a written clarification on all the issued raised by Opposition Leader Vikas Thakre so that during the meeting held on August 24, 2016, Vikas Thakre can prepare for questioning the action taken.

Mayor Praveen Datke, Ruling Party Leader Dayashankar Tiwari, Opposition Leader Vikas Thakre, NMC Commissioner Shravan Hardikar and all HoDs.

On August 10, 2016, the Leader of Ruling Party of NMC Dayashankar Tiwari while addressing the media personnel said that the rating of OCW in the work allocated to them is “Pass” and not “Distinction”.

OCW issue
While responding to the allegations of Vikas Thakre, Leader of Ruling Party of NMC Dayashankar Tiwari said that NMC had brought about this One Time Settlement (OTS) scheme and had benefitted many. The Chairman of Water Committee Corporator Sandeep Joshi had taken up a camp to redress the camp related to grievances of water supply last year in all the zones. All the grievances of people who had come to these camps were redressed.

Many pro-active changes and improvement have been brought about by the Water Department of NMC and OCW in the water supply areas.

  • When OCW was not there nearly 150 areas were such where water supply was not at all present. Water has been reached to nearly 151303 people.
  • Water supply was made on alternate days in 81 outer areas. Today 185000 people receive water everyday as of date.
  • Earlier 134 areas were of low water pressure area. However as of date, 518664 people have been benefitted by a water supply of regular and same water pressure.
  • Under the 24X7 Scheme, 9 areas had water supply problems. However 295865 people have been benefitted after the problems have been sorted out.
  • Earlier dirty water used to be received in 56 areas. However, as of date 66902 people have been benefited with fresh drinking water.
  • A seven kilometer long pipe-line has been changed in Untkhana area. 1.5 to 2 kilometers of pipe-line was changed in Bhankheda area.
  • Some areas of South Nagpur namely Kapil Nagar and Panchkunwa, Mehendibagh areas of North Nagpur did not get water supply which now receives good water supply.

Vikas Thakre had alleged that the billing for water consumption is very costly. While answering to this allegeation, Leader of Ruling Party of NMC Dayashankar Tiwari clarified on behalf of NMC and said that the charges taken by the Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran is Rs 15.70 per unit, all the residential colonies in MIDC area are charged by MIDC to the tune of Rs 9.25 per unit and all the residential colonies of Kamptee-Kanhan Municipal Council are charged more than Rs 10 per unit, while NMC charges only Rs 6 per unit. Therefore this allegation of Vikas Thakre is baseless.

There is now a laboratory with NMC-OCW to check the issues related to water-meter faults.

During the last NMC AGM, Mayor Praveen Datke had issued orders that all those Corporators who stage agitations against NMC and OCW should maintain a certain decorum and he has also asked OCW officials to inform him and the Nagpur Municipal Commissioner before filing cases against Corporators.

This came about because of OCW filing a case against Corporator Ravindra Dodas who had staged protest. This matter was informed to the Nagpur Municipal Commissioner too.

Leader of Ruling Party of NMC Dayashankar Tiwari added that in 183228 water consumers were there in 2011-12 which has risen to 301529 water consumers in 2015-16. The revenue generated through water supply in 2012-13 was a meager Rs 83 crores, which has increased to Rs 106 Crores in 2015-16.

Pot holes issue
While clarifying on the issue of pot holes by Vikas Thakre, Leader of Ruling Party of NMC Dayashankar Tiwari said that during the last AGM, the committee which was constituted to study the issue will be submitting its report only in the next AGM slated to be held next month. Presently, there is a plan to construct cement roads worth Rs 700 Crores. Work orders worth Rs 400 Crores have already been given. The remaining Rs 300 crores will be given soon. The Hot Mix Plant of NMC has been given directives to repair all the pot holes.

Star Bus issue
While clarifying about the start bus issue Leader of Ruling Party of NMC Dayashankar Tiwari said that soon there will be a committee constituted to study the issue led by a full time Judge. The entire issue will be investigated upon and a FIR will be filed against those who are found at fault.

Reliance Cable issue
While clarifying this issue on the allegations made by the Leader of Opposition Vikas Thakre, Dayashankar Tiwari said that NMC Commissioner will be presenting his report during the next AGM.

Burning wood in Crematoriums
Leader of Opposition Vikas Thakre had alleged that in spite of the orders passed in the NMC-AGM to file FIR against those unscrupulous elements in crematoriums no FIR has been filed as yet. While replying to this, Dayashankar Tiwari said that NMC has filed an FIR on 29 December 2014.

Hot Mix Plant issue
While replying to this issue Dayashankar Tiwari said, that the work order has been given to Jet Patcher Machine operator throughout the year including the monsoon season, while Vikas Thakre had alleged that the Hot Mix Plant is closed down during the monsoon season. In order to carryout the work during the monsoon season only has the work order being given to the Jet Patcher machine and so the allegations are wrong and baseless.

Kachipura land issue
While clarifying this issue Leader of Ruling Party of NMC Dayashankar Tiwari said that NMC has issued notices to 35 to 40 persons of Kachipura area under the MRTP Act. All the 35-40 persons has individually brought stay orders from relevant departments.

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