Published On : Tue, Jul 23rd, 2013

DAY-9 Sunrise also sees no Spanco “KILL” actions by Nagpur Leaders

Nagpur News : The Day-9 of the Monsoon Session of Assembly missed the “Tiger prowl” by the Nagpur “Navratnas” namely Devendra Fadnavis, Krishna Khopde, Vikas Kumbhare, Sudhakar Deshmukh, Rajendra Mulak, Shivajirao Moghe, Dinanath Padole, Nitin Raut. All these “Navratnas” at one occasion or the other had promised a great relief to Nagpur citizens from the hand-twisting actions of Spanco. The occasion was an all-party meeting where the Ministers Moghe and Mulak had warned Spanco to correct itself or face dire consequences like cancellation of agreement. The BJP leaders went 1000 steps ahead of the ministers just to settle scores and some of them resorted to storming of Spanco HQ, some organized “Dharna” protests and promised, vowed, pledged, to dump the company, at least in Nag, Pili, Black, and colourful graveyards if not in the Arabian Sea.

The Nagpur leaders have been described in the all possible adjectives like roaring tigers, fire-spitting dragons, firebrand men of matter but in vain. They totally failed to get inspired by the powerful words. They all, 100 per cent certainly, heaped insults after insults to the species of tigers, dragons, dinosaurs by taking the shape of a rat. Rat, and only Rat. The most insulting act by all the “Navaratnas” was to hurt the feelings of Nagpur citizens who wholeheartedly supported them and gave mighty strength whenever the “Navaratnas” sought their contribution.

Now, again, let us for DAY-10. The “Navratnas” would, it is hoped, might get inspirations from the TEN HEADED RAVANA OR THE TEN HEADED HYDRA!!!