Published On : Fri, Nov 30th, 2012

Dams are responsible for Global warming

Nagpur News: Dams are constructed for multi-purpose projects to serve various needs like irrigation, generation of hydroelectricity and provision of drinking water, but you may be surprised to know that dams are responsible for the global warming. This information comes out side by the research. Dam water emits 36 more times methane gas. There are 737 large, small and medium- sized dams in Vidarbha and 316 are under construction. Today all are making noise for worst condition.

Prakash Kumbhare, Principal Scientist, NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute) said “ In dams, the water contains large amounts of organic matter like plants, plankton, algae and fish, marine mammals, mosquitoes, snails, flies and vectors that produce methane after they rot. However, when there is more water in the dam, Methane rises towards the surface and most of this is oxidized in the water and forms carbon dioxide but water get down Methane is directly mixed with atmosphere. Methane absorbs more sun rays than Carbon Dioxide. That is why methane causes global warming.”