Published On : Sat, Mar 27th, 2021

Damn this Corona! Holi loses colour, biz takes a big hit

Nagpur: “Bura Mano Corona Hai, Holi Nahi Hai.” The traditional satirical words “Bura Mat Mano Holi Hai” cried in pitched voice during the festival of colours would be sadly missing this year as the spike in Covid cases has prompted the district administration to issue orders to prohibit Holi celebrations scheduled on March 28 and 29. Apart from dampening the revellers’ Holi mood, the spread of the dreaded virus has also hit the Holi business hard.

The traditional gaiety and fun would be missing this year as streets in Orange City could be rearing a deserted look. The Festival of Colours also signifies the victory of good over evil. The revelry brings people together and revitalises the bonds between them. The festival symbolizes the different shades of life and inspires to rejoice in the glory of nature in all its varied colours.

Damn this Corona. People would be forced to stay in their homes as Holi celebrations have been restricted and no gatherings at public as well as private places have been barred in order to curb the Covid-19 spread in the city.

Since the past few days, the skepticism relating to coronavirus spreading in the Second Capital has dampened the craze for Holi. But the Holi revelry this time has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

Markets too wore a deserted look. The shops that are usually overcrowded during the festival, is bereft of customers. The business community is already facing losses since the outbreak of pandemic. For the want of customers, the vendors dealing in colours and a variety of other goods such as pichkaris, masks, water guns, are cursing their luck. The sale of Holi products has also fallen this year to a great extent. Customers are not coming to buy water guns and colours.

Several big and small sweetmeat shoppers were also found worried. On Holi day, citizens distribute sweets to guests and even unknown persons as the tradition of Holi celebrations crosses all the barriers of merry.

Holi celebrations always excite people but things are different this year, thanks to the panic from the spread of the novel coronavirus. People were not enthusiastic enough to shop for this year’s Holi. This year, people are not interested to celebrate the festival wholeheartedly. Some residents are even afraid to come to market fearing coronavirus infection.