Published On : Mon, Jun 13th, 2016

‘Dal Badlus’ steal the show in State MLC poll & the loyals get a ‘royal’ dump

MLC Poll
The recent Maharashtra Council (MLC) poll and its result could be termed “unique” in one way or the other. The ‘Dal Badlus’ or Turncoats or Drifters, whatever one may call them suitably, who dumped their parent parties, raised banner of revolt and joined other outfits of their choice, got rewarded in the MLC poll. And those loyal, hardworking cadres of respective parties, who ‘spread carpets’ (Dari bichhana ka kaam) for years, got discarded and ‘royally’ dumped. In a way, ‘anarchists’ got focus and rewards, too.

Similarly, those who fought shoulder to shoulder as Team Anna (Anna Hazare) in his movement against corruption and for Jan Lokpal Bill at famous Jantar Mantar in Delhi, are now occupying the coveted chairs and ‘tasting power and its fruits.’ Kejriwals, Bedis to name a few.

MLC poll:
The MLC election witnessed queer equations coming into play.
Narayan Rane, earlier a diehard ‘Shiv Sainik’ who deserted the party along with 9-10 other Dal Badlu MLAs, saw himself accommodated and rewarded in the Council poll as Congress fielded him after he got drubbing in Assembly polls from his home constituency in Konkan and later in a by-poll from Bandra in Mumbai. Congress thinking in fielding Rane for Council poll could have stemmed from next year’s BMC election point of view. Rane with money and muscle power could play a crucial role in the local body for for his party. However, at the same time Nagpur Municipal Corporation is also going to poll next year but the party did not think it apt to field local loyal Congress men such as Anees Ahmed, Satish Chaturvedi, Nitin Raut or any other man of matter to derive advantage in the poll. Perhaps for Congress, Mumbai is much important than Nagpur. Surprising!


The 9-10 MLAs, who had left Shiv Sena along with Rane, are now a ‘helter-skelter’ lot and are with different parties or have ‘surrendered’ to their parent party except Vijay Wadettiwar. Ravindra Phatak, who left Rane in the lurch and again joined Shiv Sena, was ‘honoured’ by the saffron party. Phatak was fielded in Thane local self bodies election for MLC and emerged winner, too.

Similarly, once a ‘right hand’ of MNS chief Raj Thackeray, Pravin Darekar ‘jumped’ into BJP camp. Despite being a controversial figure in financial affairs, BJP made him MLC without bothering the strong opposition within party to his candidature. The party’s eye is on BMC poll. But again, NMC elections are also going to be held at the same time as BMC poll. The party could have given chance to local leaders such as Pravin Darde, Dayashankar Tiwari, Sandeep Joshi, Avinash Thakre et al by fielding them in MLC poll for better show in NMC election. But the ‘Dal Badlu’ (Darekar) got the reward.

Ironically, with these ‘honours’ and ‘rewards’ a bitter truth has come to the fore. No party values loyalty, hard work as cadres who ‘spread carpets’ and dedicated most parts of their lives for the interest of their parties were sidelined when it came to reward them. It is just a hoopla that a tea vendor is made country’s Prime Minister! In politics, anarchists, ‘dal badlus’ and other sly characters are given credence and ‘honoured’ as well.

Lokpal fiasco:
Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, who ‘suddenly’ got active and led a movement for Jan Lokpal Bill in public interest could not achieve much worth the name except a world-wide recognition as social reformer. However, those others who fought under Anna’s giant shadow and vowed every niceties for the sake of nation, ‘shamelessly’ occupied the ‘elusive’ chairs. Arvind Kejriwal has become Chief Minister of Delhi and several other Team Anna members are ministers in his Cabinet. Another ‘crusader,’ Kiran Bedi, first joined BJP, fought Assembly election as Chief Ministerial candidate, lost but now is Lt Governor of Union Territory of Puducherry. Yoga Guru Ramdeobaba, a diehard supporter of Lokpal movement and singing the tune of Swadeshi, is now a business baron. He often dictates terms to ruling parties.

In sum, this is politics and it is a different ball game!!

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )