Published On : Sun, Jan 6th, 2013

Cycle for fun and fitness

The benefits of cycling as a means of workout are many, and almost equal in number to the benefits of swimming. If you are more likely to have access to a bicycle than a swimming pool, and can find a street or park lane that isn’t chock- full of traffic at a given point of day, then there can be no exercise as mentally and physically invigorating as fifteen minutes of peaceful, happy pedalling.

Muscles: A regular cycling habit effectively strengthens your muscles and builds your muscle tone, especially of the legs. Cycling is good for the quadriceps, glutei, hamstrings, hip muscles and calf muscles.

Weight: Needless to say, cycling burns quite a bit of calories and helps you keep your weight in check. Depending on your current weight and other parameters, cycling can burn around 75 calories per hour, though regular cyclists usually burn 500 to 600 calories per hour. Of course, your ability to burn fat and lose weight keeps improving as you cycle longer and get more and more fit through the sort over weeks.

Heart: Cycling is considered a form of cardio, and is effective in preventing heart disease and diabetes. It is definitely not a laidback exercise, and serious cycling can give your heart and lungs a good, solid workout. Consequently, oxygen flow within your system will be more efficient, thus lowering your blood pressure and resting pulse rates, strengthening you against heart disease.

Coordination:  Cycling is an exercise that demands contribution from your entire body, and compels you to stay alert and keep an eye on the road. Hand- eye coordination receives a big boost from regular cycling.

Psyche: A physical activity like cycling helps calm you down. Taking regular tome out for yourself and your bike will reduce your anxiety levels and also work on stress. Joyrides help you clear your head, and are good for getting rid of depression.