Published On : Wed, Apr 24th, 2019

Crumbling public transport system leads to rise in sale of 2, 4 wheelers

Nagpur: Every month, the city of Nagpur is witnessing rise in sale of two wheelers and four wheelers. There are two major factors responsible for it. Absence of effective public transport in proportion to the expansion of the city and second, taking advantage of this situation, the companies are coming up with attractive schemes registering record sales of vehicles every month.

With the crumbling public transport system, people have to pay hefty fares for the auto rickshaw. To get rid of the problem, there is a trend of buying vehicles either making full payment or on installments. Though the city registers increase in sale of two and four wheelers every year, last financial year saw an unprecedented rise in the sales specially, those of commercial vehicles. These include jeep, auto rickshaw, mini bus, truck-lorry, tanker, trailors and delivery vans. However, it was not a good year for cars though major companies came out with attractive offers and schemes.

In Nagpur city, total 11,764 new cars were registered with Nagpur East Regional Transport Office (RTO) in 2018-19 against 13,246 in 2017-18. Similarly, last year the city recorded sale of 72,605 two wheelers with a marginal rise this year. In the commercial vehicle sector, only nine station wagons were sold in 2017-18, which saw an exponential growth to 177 in 2018-19. Similarly, total 4,038 auto rickshaws were sold last year while the number was 2,810 in the previous year. Total 34 mini buses were sold last year with none of them in the previous year.

Total 316 trucks and lorries were sold in 2018-18, which increased to 663 in 2018-19. Sale of delivery vans, tractor, trailors, multi and articulated vehicles also increase. Hence, it could be said that there has been rise in the business transactions looking into the increase in sale of commercial vehicles.

Looking at the RTO figures of 2018-18 and 2018-19 one gets to know there was not much difference in the sale. The difference in sales in seen only in two wheelers as maximum sale is recorded in this segment. However, with average sales, there was not much difference in the comparative figures of two years.

While both the RTOs in the city registered sale of 93,535 vehicles in 2018-18, it recorded a marginal rise of 1084 taking the figure to 94,619.

Last year 72,605 two wheelers, 11,764 cars, 1,047 jeeps, 177 station wagons, 931 tourist cabs, 4038 auto rickshaws, 38 mini buses, 104 school buses, 27 ambulances, 663 truck and lorries, five tankers, 113, tractors, 197 trailors and 63 tippers were sold in the city.

By Awadhoot Pathak