Published On : Fri, Mar 4th, 2016

Crude GMC authorities make mockery of a dead youth, put kin to painful hardship

Crude GMC authorities make mockery of a dead youth (3)Nagpur: A youngster could not find peace even after his death. The insensitive authorities at GMC made a mockery of a dead and put his near and dear ones to hardship as well. The issue is taking the city by storm.

A Subhash Nagar resident Akash Pralhad Shende had committed suicide for some domestic reasons. Ambazari police as a formality had sent Akash’s body to GMC for post-mortem. Doctors at GMC performed the post-mortem as usual. However, the inhuman game got off to start thereafter. Since the post-mortem finished in the late night hours, the senior members of deceased Akash’s family expressed their desire to take the body home the next morning. But the GMC authorities again showed their crude attitude. Snubbing the requests of near and dear ones of deceased Akash, the mortuary authorities shamelessly kept the body outside, locked the mortuary and vanished from the scene. Crude GMC authorities make mockery of a dead youth (2)This bewildering action on the part of GMC authorities left the family members of deceased Akash stunned. The Dean Dr Abhimanyu Niswade too proved docile and of no help in the matter. The Dean even did not show a courtesy to meet the rattled family members. However, following intervention by media persons, arrangements were made to keep Akash’s body in mortuary itself. But his body was kept in such a condition in open, it got decomposed. When the family members went the next morning to take body of Akash to home, foul smell gripped them.

The limit of tolerance got stretched too far. The entire family of Akash and City Youth Congress President Bunty Shelke stormed the chamber of Dean Dr Niswade. But the Dean was not in his office even in this volatile situation to calm the tempers. Facing the heat, another official named Parshuram Dorve arrived at the spot but he could not pacify the angry family members nor Shelke. Finally, the Forensic Department Head Dr Banerjee rushed to the spot. Crude GMC authorities make mockery of a dead youth (1)Shelke and family of deceased Akash demanded suspension of the guilty officials and a high-level probe into the sordid episode. The angry Youth Congress activists also warned of an agitation if their demands were not met.