Published On : Wed, Jul 6th, 2016

Crocodile at Futala Lake sparks curiosity in Nagpur!!

Powai lake Crocodile and futala lake
A picture of young crocodile on the tiled pavement of water body has been doing rounds in Nagpur’s social media circle. The picture which claimed to be of Futala lake pavement has gone viral and has sparked curiosity among many who hit this spot to have a look! But to their dismay no such creature or any news of its sighting in the periphery came up!

However when Nagpur Today dug deeper into the veracity of this photograph it turned out to be the picture of Powai lake in Mumbai.


This is the image which is Viral on Social Media as Crocodile @Futala

The cobble stones with which the pathway is paved in the photograph, is of a different kind. The design in which the cobble stones are paved too are different. While the cobble-stones show a complicated design, the design at Futala Lake is a simple winding one.

Some young men who were fishing said that there is no crocodile in Futala Lake. Another sweeper who was sweeping the pavement area said that the possibility of the crocodile climbing onto the paved area is next to impossible.

Powai Lake and Futala lake
Some youngsters who live nearby and swim in the lake said that many monitor lizards are definitely there in Futala Lake but not crocodiles.

The cops on duty from Ambazari Police Station who undertake patrolling the area by walking from one end of the paved area to the other end said that they did not notice any crocodile in the last many years.