Published On : Thu, Apr 6th, 2017

Crime Branch proving to be nemesis for crime world as DCP Sharma is ‘Man on a Mission’

Nagpur: Crime Branch of City Police Force, with its giant strides, is unequivocally proving to be nemesis for the crime world of Second Capital City of Nagpur. With the notable accomplishments in his kitty, the effervescent Deputy Commissioner of Police Ranjankumar Sharma, who is heading the crack teams of Crime Branch, seems to be a ‘Man on a Mission’. The year 2016 and two months of 2017 saw backbone of crime smashed with an iron hand. For the sake of record, 222 notorious goons involved in a series of offences were put behind bars in January and February 2017.

With the DCP Ranjankumar Sharma at the helm and highly efficient teams at his commnad, the Orange City is fast approaching towards the avowed goal of crime-free city. Sharma took charge of Crime Branch about two years back. And the crime scenario in the city witnessed a positive change. No surprise, the crack department won the trust of citizens within a short period.

Some of the achievements:

  • Brought the Vaidya couple murder to the light
  • Cracked the Medical Square Beer Bar murder case despite no leads as such
  • Nabbed the elusive dacoits in Teka Naka heist after painstaking investigation.
  • With adroit planning, succeeded in arresting five gangsters who had made a daring escape from Nagpur jail
  • Curbed the gambling menace with an iron hand forcing a number of bookies to flee the city
  • Solved many a murder cases by guiding city cops on the crime spots professionally
  • Slapped dozens of notorious criminals, gangsters with the stringent MCOCA
  • Brought the accused in Subhash Shahu murder case to the book
  • Solved the sensational Chaitanya kidnapping case skilfully.
  • In the case No. 13/16 in which nine juvenile delinquents were involved in a murder, the accused were arrested
  • A murder in Wadi (Case No. 180/16) was also brought to the light in an adept action.
  • Helped Pratapnagar police arrest three accused involved in riots and murder (Case No. 163/16). In other murder cases reported from different areas, the accused were brought to the book
  • A cheating case under Dhantoli police jurisdiction was taken to its logical end. 3 accused were arrested and Rs 9.10 lakh were seized.
  • Groping in dark, a road robbery under Bajaj Nagar police was cracked adroitly.
  • The Crime Branch also displayed its prowess in dealing with bootleggers and drug peddlers.
  • The crack teams of the departments also cracked a whip on the arms wielding goons. A haul of pistols, guns, sharp-edged weapons and other lethal arms were recovered on regular basis. And the goons were sent to jail.

The abovementioned feats are just examples put forth for the sake of a record, the distinguished record. DCP Sharma is heading the Crime Branch since the past two years. The two years saw a positive change in the working of the department. The crime world has been jolted to the core. But still a long way is ahead to achieve the avowed goal – making Nagpur a crime-free city.

The DCP Ranjankumar Sharma is proud and boasts of the dedicated team he has under his command. “It is after all a team effort,” they say.

The other members of the Crime Branch team are: ACP Nilesh Raut, Senior Police Inspector Ravindra Patil, PI Khatke, PI Dhole, PI Tathod, PI Khobragade, PI Gaekwad, PI Katkade, PI Bajirao Pawar, PI Vaibhav Jadhav, API Gokul Suryavanshi, API Bedodkar, API Atulkar, API sagne, API Lule, API Kumbhar, API Chaugule, API Sanak and a posse of other personnel.
By Ravikant Kamble