Published On : Sun, Aug 3rd, 2014

Crime Branch, DB Squads proving to be white elephants as wanted criminals roaming free!?

The present scenario in Nagpur tells a disturbing tale. The cops are losing their grip and criminals are gaining strength. The outcome of this phenomenon is crystal clear: Rise in crimes of all nature.

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Are the Crime Branch and Detection Branch Squads of 26-odd Police Stations in Nagpur proving to be white elephants in the force? The answer is loud and clear “Yes.” The Crime Branch and Detection Branch (DB) Squads have to mainly shoulder the responsibility of putting hardcore criminals behind the bars apart from maintaining law and order. However, the present scenario in Nagpur tells a disturbing tale. The cops are losing their grip and criminals are gaining strength. The outcome of this phenomenon is crystal clear: Rise in crimes of all nature. Many wanted criminals roaming free without fear.

That the criminals are ruling the roost in Second Capital City of Nagpur could be pointed out by the fact the hardcore criminal Nayan Chintalwar has not been busted since years. Nayan is reportedly the mastermind in Pinku Ghogle murder case. Pinku was done to death at Rajkamal Square in Ajni around two and a half years ago. Nayan went absconding and managed interim bail only to roam again, freely.  However, the High Court later cancelled his bail. What followed was awful. When the High Court was delivering the ruling on Nayan Chintalwar’s  bail plea, the goon was present at Ajni Police Station and as soon as he received the information about cancellation of his bail plea, the criminal gave a slip to the Ajni cops and vanished from the scene. Later, a probe revealed connivance of High Court clerk and police that helped leaking of High Court ruling to Nayan even before the word went out officially. The clerk was subsequently suspended but the concerned policeman (men) was let off the hook. And the hardcore criminal, too, who has not been nabbed yet by the Detection Branch Squad of Ajni Police Station or for that matter by Crime Branch.

Another notorious offender is point of focus in this chain of dubious episode. The goon Baban Patil is wanted by Ajni police since the past 2 years. He has not vanished or went underground. Baban Patil performed marriage of his daughter and even carried out repairs to his house. But for the “blind” cops, the wanted criminal is invisible and hence no question of arresting him. A few days ago, two goons Suraj Kuttarmare and Chhotu Waghmare had attacked the house of a MCOCA witness. These two goons are reportedly the henchmen of Baban Patil. When the incident got widely reported in media, Ajni police arrested both the goons. While Suraj was sent to jail, Chhotu got himself bailed out. Ajni cops had taken preventive action against the serial offender Chhotu Waghmare but, instead of sending him to jail, the goon was released on bail. And what Chhotu did after release? He allegedly murdered Roshan Kamble with the help of an accomplice.

The third hand-in-glow point is Kalya Gavai. Kalya, along with his accomplices, was arrested in Ajni area on the charges of suspicious activities. But during the action, area residents gathered at the spot that forced cops take the goon to police station and subsequently release him. The release left the area residents shell shocked and the role of cops came under cloud. However, when the matter reached DCP Chandrakishore Meena, he immediately summoned the Ajni cops and ordered them to produce the goon in his office. But the ‘shady’ cops, instead of producing the goon, helped him go underground for fear of an impending expose of their “haptha” acts.

Meanwhile, the DCP Meena went on leave and the matter went to cold storage. But the same Kalya Gavai, who was released by Ajni cops, allegedly carried out a brutal murder of an auto driver Anand Bawankar in Hudkeshwar on July 7. Anand was murdered for a few thousand rupees. Since then, Kalya has gone absconding and is out of DB Squad reach.

Another wanted criminal Zakir Pathan, in a way, saved the face of cops. Zakir, who was wanted for the past 12 years on the charges of extortion, was found dead in his house under mysterious circumstances. Zakir was staying in Vyankatesh Nagar since past six months but could not be arrested. Although he was detained many times, Kotwali police failed to put him under arrest. Similarly, Rohit Markande, henchman of Kosarkar brothers, the mastermind in Nandanvan triple murder, is eluding the cops. Notorious chain-snatcher Kalsi, who had escaped from Dhantoli Police Station custody in 2009, is still remains an escapee.

And many such serial offenders have been evading the arrest and are roaming in the city streets and indulging in various crimes. The Crime Branch and DB Squads, it appears, have raised their hands instead of raising the efficiency bars. They are proving to be white elephants in the Nagpur police force.