Published On : Thu, Jan 22nd, 2015

Cricketer Umesh Yadav’s wife creates ruckus

  • Wife of reputed cricketer Umesh Yadav fights with auto-rickshaw drivers and video-journalist
  • Sitabuldi Police Station attempts to hush-up the news.
  • Second attack on another journalist.

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Nagpur: The news of the wife of a reputed cricketer, her mother and one other person had created commotion and ruckus in Variety Square in Sitabudi area recently. All the three had not only beaten up the auto-rickshaw driver but had also attacked the Cameraman (video-journalist) of a news channel. The lady has allegedly damaged the video-camera of the cameraman of the news channel too.

Situation had turned so sensitive that nearly 50-60 auto-drivers had gathered in the Sitabuldi Police-Station to file a case against the Cricketer’s wife. Since the case was that of a reputed cricketer’s wife, the police officials deemed it fit to hush up the news.

Many people witness violent streak of Umesh Yadav’s wife


According to sources, Umesh Yadav’s wife, her mother and one other person were travelling in a car. At Variety square, the car driver suddenly braked the car, causing the auto-rickshaw coming from the rear to bang into the car from rear. After noticing the damage to such an expensive car, she got agitated and allegedly used very foul language to abuse the auto-rickshaw driver. Somehow the auto-rickshaw driver escaped her clutches and joined his colleagues (other-auto-drivers) standing on the other side of road.

When her anger did not get pacified by shouting abuses at the auto-rickshaw driver, Umesh Yadav’s wife along with her mother and the other person to where the driver was standing with his friend and started manhandling him. She and the other two had allegedly rained blows on the poor rickshaw driver. Many on-lookers had gathered to witness the free-style bashing-up of a poor rickshaw driver.

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Cameraman shoots the entire scene

A cameraman of a popular news channel who was passing that way noticed the commotion and started filming the entire bashing up of the rickshaw driver. He assumed that this can become breaking news of a woman bashing up an eve-teaser.

Umesh Yadav’s wife shifts her anger to cameraman

In a surprising turn of events, Umesh Yadav’s wife turned her anger from the auto-rickshaw driver to the cameraman. She had allegedly caught his hand and asked him to delete the video-footage. She had also manhandled him and had allegedly snatched his video-camera and driven away.

Cops from Sitabuldi Police Station reach the spot

On learning of this action, the cops from Sitabuldi Police Station reached the spot and pacified the frayed nerves of everyone. Cricketer Umesh Yadav’s wife, her mother, the third person and the cameraman reach the Sitabuldi Police Station. Sources said that Umesh Yadav’s wife had made some very serious allegations against the cameraman in the police station. When the cops saw that the situation is going out of hand, they were preparing to register a case against the cameraman.

However, a senior journalist from a reputed national newspaper who was present in the police station had intervened and saved the cameraman from being arrested. Even while a hot discussion was going on between the senior journalist and the police official, the third person with Umesh Yadav’s wife had taken the battery of the video-camera and broke it.

50 Auto-rickshaw drivers reach Sitabuldi Police

Nearly 50 Auto-rickshaw drivers reach Sitabuldi Police and started raising their voices against bullying tactics of Umesh Yadav’s wife. The dispute lasted for a long time and somehow the serious atmospheres in the police station got abated and the cops let the cameraman go free. Sources said that the cops had made an entry in the station diary too however, no case was registered against any person. The police somehow decided to take the side of the cricketer’s wife because of his reputation.

Another attack on a journalist

The number of attacks of the members of the fourth pillar of the constitution seems to be on the rise. Almost every other day, one gets to hear the news of politicians, cops, rich and famous people manhandling the journalists. Somehow they get away with it too. They do not want the masses to know about the law-less behavior to be brought out into the open.