Published On : Tue, Dec 30th, 2014

Cricket fans will miss Dhoni’s magic henceforth


  • Captain MS Dhoni takes retirement from test cricket
  • City youth express displeasure, sadness and woe


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Cricket aficionados often watch matches for the love of the game and to see their favourite players score the most needed runs or the catches that they achieve. The youth especially the gals go ga-ga over the mesmerizing looks etc. This time round however, they are in for a shock as one of the most favorite players and the Captain of Indian Cricket team M S Dhoni announces his retirement.

Nagpur Today caught-up with some city youth to know their reactions:

Sonali Shende, a college student of Arts claimed that for the last so many years, she has been watching the magic woven by M S Dhoni. She said that there were times she has purchased the tickets to the matches in Black, just a have a glimpse of her favourite star player.

Saloni Allot one of the cricket player who plays in the under 19 Women’s Cricket matches, opined that the performance and decisions of the Captain made India reach to the 1st ranking team. She claims that this decision will definitely affect the team. Apart from that we will miss the magic of Dhoni. On a positive note, we respect his decision. He will always be a role model for the younger generations Now, let us see how the new captain comes in and shows in performance.

Ravi Talreja, a businessman who play cricket as a hobby and devotes most amount of time in the sport, claimed that He believes Dhoni has taken the right decision at the right time. He has been disappointing us regularly in past matches. His individual performance was not as satisfactory as it should have been. I could even see he was lobbing and was very biased towards some players. I am happy that he realized it soon and I wish Indian will perform better with a different caption.

Irfan Khan, a cricket coach who trains young talented kids in this sport opined that the Captain of Indian Team, M S Dhoni had good intentions and plans for the team, which has led him to take the right decision. He should now concentrate more on One Day International Matches (ODIs) and the upcoming T-20 finals next year. Let the younger players perform and prove their worth now, and make Indian Team regain its glorious position. His decision is also for the betterment of team and country at large.

Meghna Jain, an Engineering student of Raisoni College claimed that this is very bad news. She claimed that she is really going to miss one of the most handsome and star cricket players of Indian team.

Monika Mulchandani, a Law student claimed that she is extremely disappointed with the news of captain’s retirement. I only watched the otherwise boring test matches and the only saving grace was to see Dhoni playing. I will miss him in the upcoming matches.

Duhita Duragkar, Commerce students said one thing is definite!!! I will miss his good looks in the matches apart from that, winning will not be assured like it used to be in previous matches. He will be missed and the lacuna can never be fulfilled by anyone else.

Aziz Shamsherkhan, a Commerce student, who keeps a keen interest in the games claimed that Dhoni has taken a right decision; His performance overseas were not at all good. We never won in Australia. Almost, all his centuries were scored in India only. However, I expect a better performance from Team India in the upcoming test matches.

As told to Riya Shivani.