Published On : Fri, Oct 7th, 2022
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Cricket Betting Tips To Increase Your Winnings

Cricket Betting Explained

“Cricket is battle and service and sport and art,” says Douglas Jardine, one of the most mythical British cricketers of all time.

There are probably tens of different “hitting a ball with a hand-held” games in human history, yet none of them has become as sensational as Cricket Betting. There is something remarkable about this game that originated from the word “criquet”, a kind of club in Old French. Call it simple layout or high popularity among both the aristocracy and working class, Cricket games still gather massive crowds to the front of screens and stadiums. But what is so unique about this game? How did it manage to stand still as widespread as it was and cross the contents and cultures?

Added to the sports arena by “The empire on which the sun never sets”, the British Empire brought Cricket games to its web of colonies, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, and many other regions. Even after the decolonisation period, Cricket has never lost its great vogue and is still one of the most followed sports in these lands.


Online Cricket Betting Tips

Just like betting on any sports branch, Cricket betting requires acquaintance with game sets, teams and tournaments. If you are familiar with the game, you are one point ahead of those who are here only to make some cash from wagers but have no idea how a Cricket match goes.


You may mistake thinking for understanding the rules warrants winnings. We wish so! However, there is more than meets the eye in this fantastic game.

Are you interested in wagering on cricket events through Cricket betting sites? Well, there are some things you need to consider before putting your real money into any Cricket game. Here are some tips for bettors who have no idea where to initiate with:

Keep Up to Date With The Latest News

Understanding the game rules and betting on games is like oranges and apples. It would be best if you observed the conditions of players and teams as much as the referees. Another critical piece of information is the dl (down low), a list of disabled or injured players in the team. Therefore, you will have a better perspective on what is likely to happen in the event.

Pre-Game Research & Trends

How about prospecting deeper into Google to watch the memorable matches, taking a closer look at the old boys’ analyses, and pursuing some forums where the Cricket bettors discuss players’ conditions in season, the latest player transfers, and best odds by online betting sites?

Be Careful With The Cricket Odds

No need to say it is probable to find altering odds, and they fluctuate based on various factors. Sports betting odds are calculated by complex mathematical formulas. Bookmakers present margins to state the possible outcome as Cricket betting odds. The subject odds are typically displayed in two formats: Decimal Odds and Fractional Odds.

Weather Conditions & Ground

Even if you meet all provisions to place a sensible and likely-to-win bet, nature may have a plan and play its role that day. The weather significantly affects a Cricket game result by influencing the playing surface.

A sunny day with a clear sky can be the ideal weather condition for a Cricket game. Unlike other sports, an ongoing Cricket game can be stopped not by rain but by lacking light. Since the weather conditions can make a massive change to the quality of light on a pitch, checking the forecast may be a rescuer.

How to Choose a Cricket Betting Site

It can get pretty challenging to find a reliable and comprehensive platform. Especially for IPL betting enthusiasts who do not want to miss even a single game in the most exciting season of the year.

Thinking about the immense number of online betting sites and their sugar-coated promotions, it may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Here is a checklist of criteria you need to look for. An excellent online betting site must:

  • Have a steadfast and valid gaming licence,
  • Place main Cricket events, leagues and tournaments around the globe,
  • Provide Pre-Game and Live-Betting bets,
  • Enable multiple banking options in your local currency,
  • Offer an advantageous welcome bonus, cashbacks, and free bets,
  • Host a responsive and bettor-oriented customer support service in your local language.