Published On : Wed, Jan 18th, 2017

Crazy Cops : ‘Power’ wheels crush Zebra Crossing in Nagpur!

Nagpur: It often goes tricky, when it comes to following traffic rules in Nagpur. At every busy signal or bustling square, the eye-sores of crazy bikers jumping the red signals or the grumpy crowd irritating others like them through non-stop honking are common sightings. All appear to be in a mad rush to make the first move, as if the winners trophy is awaiting them on the other end of the road. In most of the cases the Zebra Crossing serves as the finishing line for many traffic offenders who proudly acquire the area as their ‘captured territory’. Well, you can expect more such phenomenon ahead, as what you can see is violation at the hands of those who are authorised to actually stop it!

Our reader Prem Jhamnani stumbled upon one such sight which left him wondering about this gesture of police vehicle which stretched its wheels on the zebra crossing, in full public glare.

So, the multiplying effect of this sight may translate into the lasting effect on more such traffic violations by common citizens. Similar scenes actually fuel the passion of bikers, the rage of honkers, and push the entire species of traffic offenders to freak out, break the rules, ever and ever again! And law? It usually takes its own course and turns, like this turn at the busy Nagpur square!

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