Published On : Sat, Jun 10th, 2017

Crafty petrol pumps leaving the customers high and dry with less fuel

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Have you ever found yourself at the receiving end at the hands of crafty employees of petrol pumps who cheat gullible people by filling less quantity of fuel? Well, the answer is affirmative, unfortunately! Petrol pumps in Second Capital City of Nagpur, with no exception, are on cheating spree.

A common scenario being witnessed these days at any petrol pump is brawls erupting between the fuel filling employees and the cheated people. The situation turning explosive on a day would not come as surprise. That the cunning employees, of course in connivance of the owners, have designed many ways through which they can cheat you to earn more money the easiest way.

The examples:

Shobha (name changed), an employee in a Central Government department with office in Civil Lines, filled Rs 100 petrol at a petrol pump situated near Manewada Square. To her shock, her Honda Activa went on reserve just 200-300 metres away from the petrol pump. Thinking the average of two-wheeler may have taken a hit due to any flaw, she took her moped to mechanic the next day and told him to set the average on higher side. The mechanic routinely checked engine and told Shobha the average has been ‘increased.’ But the engine checking and other work left the petrol tank almost empty. So, she again filled Rs 100 petrol and left for home. To her astonishment, the fuel indicator started blinking. It simply meant the fuel was in reserve status. This time the reality suddenly struck her. It was the crafty work of the petrol pump employee who systematically cheated Shobha by filling less fuel against what she paid.

Narendra, working at a private courier company, filled Rs 300 petrol at a pump situated at Rahate Colony Square. The quantity of the fuel would have lasted at least four days considering the office distance from his residence. He sits in office only and not delivers the packages. But to his bewilderment, the fuel indicator started blinking. A clear sign of fuel touching the bottom of the tank. Next day he confronted with the employees of the petrol pump with “hot” words. But it was of no use. The employees cold shouldered Narendra’s threatening posture and shooed him away. It was a routine for them.

The experience of Shobha and Narendra is just a tip of iceberg. It is a common scenario among vehicle owners, who had at one time or the other thought they had bought fuel but later found out they either bought nothing or were short-changed in terms of the quantity. A cross section of vehicle owners claimed that they had noticed same at one time or the other but said that there was nothing they could do since they really could not establish any foul play.

The daylight cheating and looting is going on with impunity. One of the petrol pump attendants on the condition of not revealing his name threw light how they make easy but huge money from unsuspecting customers. But the tricks are all technical beyond the understanding of the common people. It could certainly be claimed that almost all petrol pumps, including the ones being run by petroleum companies, cheat the gullible customers in front of their eyes.

Will the concerned authorities initiate necessary measures and bring the erring petrol pumps to book?