Covid-19 : Nagpur crosses single-day death toll of Mumbai, Pune

Nagpur: Not too long ago aggressive containment and quarantine activities in Nagpur had brought the recovery rate to 82% here, which was one of the best in the country. But this was in the month of May. However, efforts went south soon as relaxations came up. This not only trimmed the recovery rate to half but also worked as a catalyst for rampant surge in Covid-19 cases. As a result Nagpur on Tuesday registered more deaths (52) than reported in Mumbai (35) and Pune (36). This has raised serious concern among the administration.

While Mumbai registered 35 deaths and Pune toll stood at 36 on Tuesday, Nagpur registered it’s highest single day toll with a whopping 52 patients succumbing to the virus borne disease.

Though, Nagpur is way behind in terms of positive cases from both Pune and Mumbai, the numbers which seems to have declined in the two cities, continued to rise in Nagpur with every other day breaking previous records.

Nagpur on Tuesday registered 52 casualties, hitting the toll at 814 and sum of 1071 new positive patients including Municipal Chief, Tukaram Munde and Joint Commissioner of Police, Dr. Nilesh Bharne, were reported positive on Tuesday taking the over all cases of Nagpur to 22,225.

The capital city Mumbai reported 587 new cases and 35 deaths, during the same period pushing the total cases to 1,37,683 and toll to 7,474. In Pune, with 1,228 new cases and 36 deaths, on Tuesday the total infections is now 91,485 and casualties at 2,381.

By shubham Nagdeve