Covid-19: Death toll stands still in Nagpur, reports 34 fresh cases

Nagpur: The restrictions imposed by administration tends to prove effective in Second Capital of the State, Nagpur district continues to report zero Covid death and significant drop in fresh Covid-19 cases.

A total 34 people tested positive on Wednesday, of which 20 patients were from the city and 14 from rural areas. In the day, a total 107 people successfully recovered from the virus borne disease, taking the numbers of cumulative recovered to 4,67,798.

With the latest update, the total number of cases has surged to 4,77,086 while the number of deaths stand still at 9,025.

In the day 107 patients were successfully recovered from the virus borne disease taking the numbers of total recovered patients at 4,67,798. Following which recovery rate has improved to 98.05%.

After the fresh updates, the total active cases in the city now stand at 263 including asymptomatic cases.