Coronavirus in Nagpur: North-East students suffer racial slurs

Nagpur: In the wake of novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) outbreak, the administration is leaving no stone unturned to tackle any eventuality. As the state took the worst blow with highest number of patients from Maharashtra, students from North-East are facing growing incidents of racial slurs in the Second Capital of the State. Though, none of the students has lodged any complaints with the police or respective college authorities.

We stay here, we study here, we are residence of this country yet we have to go through a series of discrimination based on our looks, that too on the daily basis. With Corona Virus outbreak the situation has worsen with people calling us by the disease itself, revealed a North-East student to Nagpur Today.

Recounting the discrimination a 23-year-old youth faced at Dharampeth based prominent club, he told Nagpur Today that, a group of men seating at the adjacent table had referred him as Corona Virus. “When I confronted then, they argued that they were discussing the disease and deliberately denied saying any such things to me in slyly,” he said.

Another student who has been through similar situation in the Futala vicinity says, “I clearly don’t understand the mentality of racist people. That’s the prolonged problem that needs to be cure. Covid-19 outbreak has just given them more alibis to abuse others. If one doesn’t look like traditional Indian, will be made to feel like they are alien and don’t belong here. They will be humiliated and feel disgust,” he lamented.