Corona blast: Chaos as scared people thronging pvt labs for tests in hundreds!

Nagpur: With the blast in Covid-19 cases in Nagpur, the scared people are thronging private patholgy labs for corona tests in hundreds. A chaotic scenario was witnessed at private lab situated at Central Bazaar Road, Ramdaspeth here. The massive crowd of suspected corona infected could turn out to be superspreaders of the virus. The district administration has been found turning a blind eye to this possibility.

One more lab near the Midas Hospital is also facing the same situation. The number of suspected Corona patients crowding the private labs has increased manifold. The overcrowding without following the Covid-19 norms threatens to spread the virus uncontrolably.

Meanwhile, overloaded with samples, several private laboratories have reportedly stopped taking new samples. One laboratory with one machine can perform 700 tests in a day, but with people thronging the laboratories for testing, the pathologists are finding it difficult to manage. One laboratory has around 3,000 samples right now In fact 80% laboratories have stopped taking new samples for clearing the pending work.

Multiple testing swelling the cases number:

Most people are scared of testing positive for the virus. But when they test positive, they want to reconfirm their RT-PCR report and go for another test at a different laboratory. One person going for multiple tests actually swells the numbers which is ultimately creating panic among the common public. There are a lot of stories getting viral on social media about mismanagement of testing or wrong testing reports. This is making people feel to go for multiple testing just to have satisfaction that their report is right. At the same time this multiple testing is adding to the total testing count and number of positive cases.