Published On : Thu, Jan 11th, 2018

Cops warn perverts who make lewd phone calls at Control Room


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Nagpur: Even women police personnel are not spared by perverts who make lewd phone calls at Control Room. Taking advantage of toll free calls, some miscreants repeatedly call Control room and harassed women police constables who answered their calls.

Unable to bear the mental harassment from the unidentified callers, the women police personnel reported the matter to officials in charge of the police control room. Initially, the women constables reportedly warned the callers of strict action if they continued with their behaviour. But the perverts kept calling, taking the warnings lightly. Taking the matter seriously, the top brass of city police have warned such callers of strictest action.

Police Control Room is a very important and sensitive part of the police department. The Control Room alerts police stations about crimes taking place in any area of the city. The 24-hour service also helps citizens in difficulty during emergency situations. The toll free emergency number is 100. Some perverts are taking advantage of this toll free number and making lewd calls. The frequent calls leave the emergency line busy and the citizens in hardship find it difficult to contact the Control Room for their emergency.

Now, cops have identified over a dozen such perverts who made calls to Control Room from the same number. Some have made 10 calls and some even 50. All these miscreants were hunted down and produced before Joint Commissioner of Police Shivaji Bodkhe. After receiving a dressing down, the perverts ‘assured’ the Joint Commissioner not to make calls to Control Room and harass the women police constables again. They were let off but only after a stern warning.

The city’s Police Control Room is well-equipped with the latest technology — capable of recording all voices and calls. Cops can easily trace the pranksters who call them from anywhere, be it from a landline or a mobile.