Published On : Fri, Sep 9th, 2016

Cops turning petty goons into Bhaus!

mcocaNagpur: The crime rate in the district seems to be on the rise instead of decreasing. The police administration has failed in controlling the ever increasing crime rate. When some media reported Nagpur as the Crime Capital, the Chief Minister having the portfolio of Home Minister swung into action and directed the cops to take stern action. This in-turn led to cops slapping stern MCOCA on many cases that became the talk of the town without looking back or forth. The cops did receive a pat on the back for controlling crime and putting behind bars some of the dreaded goons. On the other hand, since there were some lacunae in the Charge-sheets, these goons got released on bail and once out these goons started being called “Bhau”. These Bhaus have started flourishing too.

While taking into cognizance the growing incidents of crime, in order to target the Chief Minister and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis, the leaders of Opposition parties had given Nagpur the title of Crime Capital during the last Winter Session of Vidhan Sabha.

While replying to the Opposition, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had claimed that his government will not spare any criminal (however, high his contacts or acquaintances are). Probably boosted by the Chief Minister’s statement, the cops of Nagpur started slapping the stringent MCOCA on every criminal (small or most talked about). To add to the slapping of MCOCA, in the hurry of submitting the charge-sheet within 90 days, they omit many details or necessary sections (either purposefully or through negligence), which leads to these goons getting released on bail.

This in-turn leads to embarrassment to the police department and the goons who get released become Bhaus and uncrowned kings of the goons. Has Nagpur police undertaken the job of creating Bhaus?

It could be mentioned here there has been no reduction in the crime rate and incidents of crime in the district. Almost every other day, there is some or the other big crime incidents occurring in the city. Sources claimed that most of the criminal incidents and activities are taking place in Zone-V. The Singham of Police Department has been made in-charge of this Zone.

The citizens are worried that in spite of having such a strong, brave cop, why are criminals still carrying out their activities without the fear of law?

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