Cops save life of youth who jumped in Futala Lake to commit suicide

Nagpur: In a timely and swift action, sleuths of Crime Branch Unit 2 saved life of a youth who had jumped in Futala Lake with the motive of committing suicide in the wee hours of Tuesday.

According to reports, the youth, identified as Saurav Prakash Gulalgiri (19), resident of Mahavir Nagar, Sakkardara, had left home on late Monday night. Around 4 am of Tuesday, Saurav jumped in Futala Lake from a spot on Vayusena Nagar Road with the intention of ending his life. Incidentally, two other youths noticed Saurav jumping into the lake. At the same time, a team of Crime Branch Unit 2 was on patrol duty and was passing through the spot.

The two youths came running to the cops and informed them about a youth jumping into the lake. Without wasting a second, the team of cops rushed to the spot and entered the water and tried to bring out Saurav with the help of a bamboo and rope. But to the bewilderment of the cops, Saurav refused to heed them. Finally, the cops succeeded in tying Saurav with a rope and pulled him out of lake water.

During questioning, Saurav told cops that his father passed away and mother works in a private organisation. He stays with his maternal uncle. His aunt had given him Rs 10,500 for paying power bill but he lost it in satta (gambling). Depressed with his act, her decided to commit suicide.

The action by the cops in the nick of time saved life of Saurav. The team comprised API Sumit Parteki, Head Constables Prakash Wankhede, Vijay Lekurvale and Baljit Singh.