Published On : Thu, Apr 24th, 2014

Cops’ role in saving accused youth who caused death of man in road accident raises suspicion

ninje bike

Nagpur News: The obnoxious role of police in a bid to save an accused and subsequent careless investigation of a fatal road accident has come to the fore again.

According to reports, a ghastly road accident occurred on Tuesday between 6.45 and 7.15 pm on North Ambazari Road. A youth, riding a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle speedily and recklessly and proceeding towards Amabzari from Shankar Nagar Square, dashed against a cycle rider near PP Bar in front of Wockhardt Hospital. The cycle rider Dinesh Jethani (54), working as a clerk in a company, was returning home as usual after office hours. The forceful dash hurled Dinesh high into air and on the road with great impact and thus injuring him critically. The youth was also injured. People nearby the spot rushed Dinesh Jethani to Wockhardt Hospital and also informed Ambazari police about the incident.

IMG_6110Ambazari police team led by API Patil reached the spot immediately. After completing paper formalities, API Patil and his team went to Wockhardt Hospital for recording statement of Dinesh but since he was admitted in ICU, the police returned to the spot and took the Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, worth lakhs, to Ambazari Police Station. In the meanwhile, Sneha, wife of Dinesh Jethani, was also informed of the incident. She too rushed to the Wockhardt Hospital to enquire about the condition of her husband. Sneha too was not allowed in ICU and was told by doctors to wait outside. After sometime, Sneha approached Ambazari Police Station and formally lodged a complaint against the motorcycle rider. Police booked the accused youth under Sections 279, 338 of the IPC and started investigation into the matter. However, most unfortunately, doctors at Wockhardt Hospital declared Dinesh dead in the morning of Wednesday while undergoing treatment. Now, police have booked the accused youth under Section 304(A) additionally for causing death of Dinesh.

IMG_6112However, the role of police in the entire episode has come under the shadow of a well-to-do motorcycle rider. According to eye-witnesses, the accused youth, though injured, was present at the spot when API Patil and his team reached the spot. But surprisingly, police remained busy in completing paper formalities and then left the spot for visiting Wockhardt Hospital in order to record statement of Dinesh Jethani. In the meanwhile, eye-witnesses said the accused youth was also taken to another private hospital by some people. Police took only the motorcycle but did not bother to arrest the accused youth. They have even not visited the private hospital where the motorcycle rider is admitted for recording his statement or arresting him. Significantly, the motorcycle has no registration number but a Ninja word on the plate. It is obvious the bike was lifted from showroom recently.

When Nagpur Today contacted Ambazari PI Katkare for further information, he said the API Patil is investigating the matter and contact him for details. Thereafter, Nagpur Today contacted API Patil and sought details of the incident. But shockingly, the police officer replied that he is now sleeping after the night duty and is not in a position to provide any information. API Patil told the Nagpur Today reporter to contact the Police Station. Here also, a lady constable answered the phone. She started avoiding the direct reply on excuse of not receiving the police diary and other nonsensical replies. The entire fracas on the part of Ambazari Police adequately points to the dubious role they are trying to play in the incident and some actions not in so many words raise the suspicion that they are trying to save the accused for obvious reasons.