Published On : Fri, Jul 4th, 2014

Cops, in damage control act, dig out skeleton for revealing truth & nail Sonegaon police, too

Nagpur News.

The skeleton, which was not resting in peace since its recovery from Manish Nagar area following a botched up investigation by Sonegaon police and indecent burial later, has been dug out and the truth is likely to prevail. The recovery of skeleton and bungle in probe had triggered uproar and even drawn attention of Home Minister R R Patil forcing a high-level investigation into the entire episode. Subsequently, in a damage control exercise, Sonegaon police have dug out the skeletal remains after 18 hours of struggle on Thursday. And this time, the cops have sent the skeletal remains to Regional Forensic Laboratory located near Rahate Square for scientific investigation that could reveal every gory aspect of the matter. The digging operation was carried out by Sonegaon cops at the spot near Railway track in front of Anupriya Apartment in Manish Nagar in presence of ACP Bhagat and Manohare.

According to sources, initially the skeletal remains were sent to Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) by Sonegaon police but when the local Civil Human Rights Protection Association protested the move, the skeletal remains were sent to Forensic Lab. The Secretary of Association Prakash Bansod has demanded CBI probe into the episode and registering of an offence against Sonegaon Police Inspector R P Shah as well for his poor handling of the matter when the skeleton was first recovered few days ago. Bansod has alleged that the Police Inspector tried to hide vital facts and save a builder in this connection. The ACP Bhagat and Manohare committed the same mistake that was committed by Police Inspector Shah and his team, said the sources.

Sources further said that Sonegaon cops, after digging out the skeletal remains, put it into three bags and sealed them. The bags were then laden into a Tata Sumo vehicle (MH-31/AG 9588) and were taken to Forensic Lab accompanied by a team of policemen and a labourer. At Forensic Lab, one time DNA approximately costs Rs 40,000-45,000. Now the question whether the police would bear the cost or let the matter lie in cold storage only is being raised by the Association.

However, more and more questions are being raised since the time of recovery of the skeleton from a gutter in Manish Nagar. There were reports that a pant, a shirt and a shawl were also recovered by Sonegaon police. But then where the items have vanished? Have cops destroyed them at the time of burial of the skeletal remains? These questions could also be part of investigation because the cloths could have identified the victim to some extent. These cloths could prove to be a major breakthrough for police and Forensic Lab in their investigations. And the Police Inspector of Sonegaon Police Station must be knowing the whereabouts of these vital cloths. Some clues could also be ascertained from a woman who runs ironing business in the area and might be helpful in identifying the cloths. The woman could also be a witness as far as the skeletal remains finding their way to the gutter is concerned. However, the woman, who was running her ironing business in the parking area of Krishna Apartment for the past few months, has mysteriously left the place after recovery of the grisly remains.

Now, the high-level probe to be conducted by a Deputy Commissioner of Police would certainly throw light on the entire episode and reach a logical end. The high-level probe is also likely to bring the suspicious actions of Sonegaon police to the fore and put them in the books of law.

Shockingly, the Sonegaon police misinformed the media about the digging out of the skeleton and indulged in murkier acts. When contacted, the Sonegaon police had said that the digging is being carried in another case. They said that a few days ago some unidentified people had buried a body of person in the open space in front of Anupriya Apartment in front of Railway track in Mausam Colony near Manish Nagar. However, the Sonegaon police, after receiving a specific complaint from Vivek Sahare, resident of Old Ajni Chuna Bhatti, dug out the skeleton with the help of some labourers.

In fact, Sonegaon police tried to hide the fact about digging out of the same skeleton that was buried by PI R P Shah and his team after a high-level probe was ordered in the entire episode. The attempt to misguide media on the part of Sonegaon police was aimed at saving their face after suspicious handling of the matter and questions raised over veil of secrecy maintained by them after recovery of the skeleton.