Published On : Thu, May 5th, 2016

Cops fail to sieze gold from Muthoot and Manappuram Finance Company

Nexus between cops and accused seemed to be evident 

Muthoot F aand mani
: On Thursday, May 5,  the accused, former employees of Gitanjali Jewellers were produced before the JMFC 4th Court. Police Inspector Gaikwad has formally asked for Police Custodial Remand. However, it is interesting to note that the police officer directly supported the accused and tried to save them by giving free passage to get bail in the case.

The judge asked the Investigation Officer about the development in the investigation since the Court had granted PCR for 3 days. It was also pointed out that there were receipts for 2399.6 grams gold jewellery which was kept as mortgage at Muthoot Finance Company and Manappuram Finance Company. The Finance Company authorities admitted that 2399.6 grams gold was kept by accused. Even one bookie was booked who had allegedly received Rs 40 lakhs from the accused. However, only Rs 40000/- was shown as seized amount. Interestingly not one gram of gold was seized by police for the reason best known by them.

The Court too was surprised, since in spite of the seizure of receipts of gold from the accused, the Gold was not seized by the police. Even the Investigation Officer is alleged to have directly submitted to judge that they didn’t want to seize the gold. Therefore the magistrate granted Magisterial Custodial Remand (MCR) to the accused.

President of Nagpur Bar Association Advocate Prakash Jaiswal has taken a copy of the order to prefer revision against the Magisterial Custodial Remand passed by JMFC Court-4.

Some of the Advocate on condition of anonymity said that there is a clear-cut nexus of criminals and the police department which was more that evident. Since nothing was seized during the three days of PCR even when the officials of Manappuram Finance Company and Muthoot Finance Company were ready to give seizures of gold but police refuse to seize gold, thereby giving free passage to the accused.

The complaint will prefer revision against MCR of accused and is slated to lodge a complaint with the Commissioner of Police for such illegal or irresponsible actions of the police. Gold worth Rs. 75 lakhs is involved and the accused are set free by the police because of the negligence and lackadaisical attitude of the cops. It is also evident that there is a crucial role of cricket bookie in this case.