Published On : Thu, Sep 3rd, 2015

Cops crack Rs 4 lakh robbery, society peon himself emerges mastermind

Nagpur: Lakadganj police cracked the sensational Rs 4 lakh robbery case within 48 hours. Shockingly, the complainant himself emerged the mastermind of the robbery plan and is now cooling his heels in custody along with two other accomplices. Cops have so far recovered around Rs 1,80,000 from their possession.

It is pertinent to recall that Nagpur Today had flashed the report titled: 2 bike borne goons rob society peon of Rs 4 lakh; cops mount hunt wherein it was reported that in yet another incident of daylight bag-lifting, two motorcycle-borne muggers on Tuesday targeted a peon of a credit society and decamped with a bag containing Rs 4 lakh on a busy road. The daylight robbery sent ripples across the city and also put the cops on their toes.

However, the gameplan of the peon Kailash Jagan Diwte (33), working in New Nagpur Urban Credit Cooperative Society and his two other aides to pocket Rs 4 lakh boomeranged. The two accomplices of Diwte have been identified as Rajendra alias Anna Vilas Singh Gehlot and Narendra alias Kallu Ashok Rakshiye.

After the daylight robbery, the Lakadganj police swung into action and spread a net to nab the perpetrators of the crime. Police were armed with the registration number of the motorcycle used by Gehlot and Rakshiye for committing the “robbery.” A detailed scan of the number led the cops to the motorcycle riders.  Since the robbers had managed to flee on the day of robbery the peon Diwte was a relieved man and smiling over the “successful” gameplan. But the smile turned out be very short as police nabbed Gehlot and Rakshiye within hours.

Kailash Diwte was associated with the Society since the past 12 years. His job was to go on daily collection and also deposit amounts in bank. Well aware of robbery incidents occurring regularly in city, Diwte too drew a plan to get rich within minutes. Gehlot and Rakshiye too agreed to play a vital role in the robbery plan. All the three accused reside in Shivnagar locality. After the plan, the trio waited for an opportune time to strike. And, Tuesday the August 1 was decided for the action. Accordingly, the two accused Gehlot and Rakshiye positioned themselves on the road between Chnadrashekhar Azad Square and Telephone Exchange Square and waited for Kailash to pass through the road.

The next move of the gameplan was that Kailash would slow down his bike after spotting Kallu Rakshiye on the road to facilitate the robbery. Kailash did the same and the ready Kallu came into action. He threw chili powder in the eyes of Kailash and snatched the bag containing Rs 4 lakh and sped away. But due to their bad luck, the registration number of the motorcycle was noted down by other passersby on the road. A pursuit of the registration number led the cops to owner of the bike who named Rajendra Gehlot and Kallu Rakshiye as they had borrowed it from him. Armed with information the Lakadganj cops swooped on both the accused within hours. And after a grueling grilling, Gehlot and Rakshiye spilled the beans and exposed the gameplan of the peon Kailash Diwte as well. Cops also succeeded in recovering around Rs 1,80,000 from their possession.

The cracking operation was given the shape by Lakadganj PI Satyawan Mane, API Nikam and other staff members of the Police Station.
Lakadganj Police Station